Saturday, August 13

Sunlight on dew

Keri and I went for a walk this morning and that could be considered the highlight of my day. The sunlight was glistening off the dew drops on the Pampas grass flags. Had to take a stab at capturing the look.

I came home and made some banana nut bread to make use of a couple of overripe bananas. The age old argument of a rescue or few more pounds continues. Somedays I win and some days I lose. I do not think that when I die they will say, "She was hot and sexy right up to the end." So why? That ship sailed a long time ago, in fact, it may have never existed. I say that cheerfully and with great relief.

The Olympics are dominating the TV at our house and some of you are very enthusiastic about them and completely understand why that would be the case. Binge watching sports of any kind are way down the list of my warmest desires.
So lots of thumb twiddling has been taking place for me. This too shall pass.

Sooo... I think I will go out and pull some weeds.

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