Saturday, October 8

Jason and Ethan

The picture says it all!

Odds and Ends

A cartoon I thought particularly appropriate.

My friend Denise who started the bracelet avalanche. The hat is not hers although it looks quite dashing. It was one she saw at an auction. 
This cartoon gal reminds me of Denise. Can anyone else see the resemblance?

Sweet Elise. I did not remember if I had posted this picture before or not but it sure is a cute one. Her mother, Amanda was not all that fond of water. I do not think Elise has inherited that factor.

Butch's brother Bill sent this picture of the river on which they live in Arkansas. It is one of those top ten pictures. Good job, Bill!!

Friday, October 7

Henry Wallace Farm

This morning was pretty in pink. It didn't last long.

 Butch and I were scheduled to meet square dancers at the Henry Wallace Farm near Orient Iowa. Since I had that pesky head cold we were not at all sure we would go. I still didn't feel top-notch but I didn't think I was contagious any longer so we made the trip. If you are curious about who Henry Wallace was and why he was famous you can visit the links I have provided above. It was great seeing everyone even if I couldn't give hugs. These are people we spent our Iowa winters with for about 20 years.

Don and Marilyn Scott

Judi Smith and Carolyn and Morris Wilson

Looks like Jack Tallman and Butch are in time out and Jan Brahms is giving them a talking to.

Henry Wallace started the Pioneer Seed Corn company among many other things like running for president of the USA.

Soil erosion demo

There were many more people there who I did not get photos of and the farm has many neat things too but the wind was blowing "like sixty" and the dust was heavy in the air. Maybe we will do another reunion next summer and get more pictures.

Waiting Game

Butch is waiting to be pain free and I am waiting to get over my cold. I am much better today. The combo of Neti-pot and Zicam came through once again. I am also in bad need of a haircut so in a few minutes Butch is going to trim me up. The last time I called a hairdresser I had to wait a week so it is just easier to have Butch cut it short enough to get to sunny South Texas where he turns the job over to Yolanda at Alicias. Gotta go as he is all set to shear me.

Thursday, October 6


They come out of no where and disrupt everything. I have one. I hate it. I am getting better. At least today I can get air flow through both nostrils most of the time. I am trying to stay as far away from Butch as I can. If he gets it the surgery would be delayed until he was over it. It is hard to not contaminate someone when you are in close quarters. As always doing the best we can. It isn't always easy.
The sun is shining on my keyboard highlighting the need for a good cleaning. It is always something...

Tuesday, October 4

Back Surgery Next Tuesday

Butch is having Back Surgery in Ames Iowa at Mary Greeley Hospital on Tuesday October 11th. He will be in the hospital overnight. Post Op checkup on the 26th followed by a week of physical therapy. And with all things going right we could be on the road November 1st. But when we do leave here we do not plan to go more than a couple hundred miles per day so it will take us awhile to go the 1400 miles to South Texas.