Saturday, May 1

On the move...

We arrived in Peculiar on Thursday when the wind was blowing like 90 MPH. Not really...just seemed like it. Gary is working at Ray-Pec school, taking college courses to get his teaching and masters degree and umpiring and refereeing as much as possible. Thus we did not get to see Gary that much but we did have a fun time with daughter-in-law Susan and granddaughter Amanda and her yet to be born daughter Elise. Amanda's husband Brad was also able to join us for a meal or two.
Amanda is due the 28th of this month. She has had a great pregnancy and felt well throughout but I am certain she will still be very ready for Elise to make her grand entrance.
Today we went with Amanda and Susan to garage sales to find baby stuff. We were very successful too.
Gary in the meantime umpired 9 ballgames today. I do not know how he does it!
So tomorrow we are headed up the road to Iowa. We are going to stop on the way to see Butch's cousin Dick. Should be in Jefferson on Monday or Tuesday.
Till next time...

Wednesday, April 28

Coachlight RV Park


We are at the Coachlight RV Park in Carthage MO. This is where we purchased our MoHo and it seems we always gravitate back here. It is a great place to do our Spring cleaning and that is indeed what we have been doing. Butch is washing the MoHo and I am getting caught up on laundry. Not just the usual laundry, but all of it like the mattress pad and bedspread, coats and anything else that comes to mind. Why in such a tizzy you say? Well, this park does not object to a person washing their rig for one thing. Many parks will not allow it. But the main and all pervasive reason is the SOFT water. It is so soft that they have a warning in the laundry room to not use too much soap. With my homemade soap that is not a problem. When you have super soft water it makes cleaning anything so much easier. I stand in amazement at the kitchen sink,the dishes are so clean with so little effort. No water spots on the silverware. Oh, I am really on a roll here, aren't I?
Tomorrow we will head up to Peculiar and a visit with the Gary Brooker family. We haven't seen them since last fall and now is when the winter seems long. It is time for hugs, reuniting and getting reconnected on the happenings of their lives. Butch and I look back to the period of our lives that they are in now and we remember it as a busy, busy time. It is exceedingly busy for them too. We remember, and understand.

Monday, April 26

When the weather is bad...

When the weather is bad we have a plan. We either beat the weather or sit tight. I check the 10 day forecast for wherever we are every morning. I have the weather window set up for 2 locations, usually the one where we are currently located and the one we are headed for. We do not head out if the weather is marginal.
The big night of tornadoes in Mississippi we were in Pass Christian MS. The bad stuff was all north of there. If it had been bad where we were we would have done whatever Lum & Donna (our hosts) would do.
We drove through the area in MS where the tornadoes went through Saturday. We saw trees uprooted and crews at work returning electricity to the area.
Tonight we are in Carthage MO and we are getting a new ice maker for the MoHo before heading up the road to Peculiar MO.  
Since we are spending the summer in Michigan we would like to see as much of "the kids" as possible before going up there. The MO kids are very busy but we will spend as much time with them as possible before heading to Iowa. We plan to go straight to Leo & Keri's place in Jefferson and spend the time in Iowa there. And also see as much of all our friends and relatives in Iowa as possible during the merry month of May!