Friday, January 29

It's great!

This is Portia the porch kitty who may giving birth to kittens at this very minute. This was taken last night after the steak fry. She hasn't been seen since and she is very pregnant.

Myron's dog Indy loves to pull him around the park. I hope to get a GoPro video of it.

This is  a VERY old bike. I could not resist those handle bars!

It feels really good to have regained my health. You don't know what you've got till it's gone as it says in the song.

Wednesday, January 27

So now...

I have played it low key, staying home, doing minimal things and trying to get full recovery. I felt good on arising this morning and since Butch has pool both morning and afternoon I decided to get caught up. So now the second load of laundry is in process, vacuuming has had a once-over, dishes are done and sanitized, check book balanced and I am getting caught up on computer stuff.

I feel like I have been in isolation, self-inflicted. One of my main concerns throughout this ordeal is that we not pass it on to our unsuspecting friends and neighbors. I would not wish what we have endured on my worst enemy.

Despite feeling good, I have noticed that it does not take much effort to feel fatigued. And food doesn't yet taste real yummy. I will be ready for a walk when the weather clears. Oh yes, I didn't tell you. The weather has been beautiful for the past week but today is cold (49 F) and wet. The forecast is for 30's tonight. Unlike the past two years, we then will enjoy a nice warm-up into the 80's.

Tomorrow is Costco Thursday and my list is ready. I am looking forward to a few hours with friends doing something entirely different!

Tuesday, January 26

I'm Alive!

Yes, we have survived the stomach flu. For those questions you have: Yes, we had a flu shot. Flu shots are for respiratory flu. We had gastrointestinal flu and it is a virus with no cure and no vaccine to my knowledge. I read up on it when Butch first came down with it. Excellent article and you can read it here:

Lots of good advice and I tried to implement as much of it as possible. 

We have found out where it was contracted and just as I expected it was a pool hall, but not our pool hall. Butch played pool at a park that will not be named a week ago Monday, the 18th and found out he had the flu Tuesday night. When the Monday pool group reconvened yesterday the conversation confirmed that many people from the unnamed park had the stomach flu.

Despite all my efforts to avoid it, my visit happened Friday night. It saps the living health right out of you. So I am feeling some better but I am weak and wobbly legged. I have been able to eat some but queasiness quickly reminds me if I exceed the body recommended capacity.
Enough of all this for now. Will post again when something of note flits into my head.

Sunday, January 24

Stomach Flu

Butch had it first and now I have it. Started Friday night for me when I felt like my stomach contained a boulder. It got worse from there. Yesterday was awful. Today I feel like I will be okay but I am weak. This is all you will hear from me till wellness has returned.