Saturday, September 24

Our frontyard- Pahrump NV
Our backyard- Pahrump NV
We went to Las Vegas today...just to go there and say we had been there. We drove down the Strip stopped and went into a casino for a very short time. I didn't take many pictures.
Pahrump- It is two Indian words meaning rock and water. I had to ask.

Friday, September 23

And then they also wear the cutest little 'hats'.
The quail in this SKP park are just adorable. I think any bird that runs more than flies looks very funny. In the desert little dust clouds rise about their little feet as they scoot and scamper.
I get flushed when I drink wine....
It has been awhile since Angel has given me a good photo op or at least awhile since I have noticed one...Pretty as a Picture!

Thursday, September 22

Smile! Butch was on the news tonight. We went to the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Pahrump Nevada and they asked Butch if he thought price gouging was taking place...and of course he does!!! He was on channel 41 during the 5:00 PM news.

The English-to-American Dictionary

Click on The English-to-American Dictionary I certainly had a good time on this site. Are you bewildered by the Brits? You can't understand what they mean,
and they use unheard-of words? Well, they think the same thing about
us. Enjoy the differences as shown in this English-to-American
dictionary written by an Edinburgh Scot who spent some time in the USA
on holiday and discovered a bewildering array of words which are "in
common use on our side of the pond and invariably mean nothing at all or
something exceedingly rude on the other side."
It's funny, witty and helpful to those who correspond or speak with
Brits and often find themselves puzzled or mis-guess British word
meanings. Do you know what they mean when they say a person or animal
is a "muppet"?

Wednesday, September 21

This day ranks right up there with El Campo! (See blog archives for November 2004) I let the GPS choose the route and I failed to set it for primary roads only. We ended up on a gravel road for about 10-15 miles and a little more than cowpath, bumpy, narrow, blacktop(?) for another 10- 15. I was fit to be tied and you can imagine what Butch was thinking. I must say he kept his mouth shut but he didn't have to say anything ...I knew. So now we are in the Escapees Park in Pahrump and I have a WiFi connection and our fee for the next week is $80 and yup that is a good fee. I am so very grateful that this trip has ended for a week and you can surely bet that I will be more careful in the future. A GPS is great when they work right but a pretty rotten experience when they do not!
Oh! and Carson City did have a thunderstorm and rain about 11:30PM last night. Butch thought he might have a little trouble seeing well enough to wash the RV.
The Roadramblers
Currently in Pahrump Nevada

Tuesday, September 20

Smile! We have an overcast day in Northern Nevada today and I do believe that is a first since leaving Iowa in late July. The weatherman says we have a good chance of scattered thunderstorms this evening! He sounded excited! I have noticed that we track in a lot more dirt than one might suspect and I attribute it to the lack of a cleansing rain for streets and sidewalks. Butch says he will go outside in his swim suit and wash the motorhome if it actually happens...I will take photos...if it actually happens.