Friday, July 20

Rich and Donna Visit

Rich and Donna came to visit on Wednesday and I skipped right over now I am backing up a bit. Rich wanted an Iowa corn picture so we helped out with that and I think the picture turned out great. This particular field looks better than many.

We also had a great visit and ate at the A & W. Rich has long been an A & W fan and was pleased to know our A & W was open for business.

Thursday, July 19

Cataract Surgery- eye one

It went well. I can see well enough to be on the computer but with reading glasses. Butch's reading glasses are 1.75 and mine will be 2.50 so we will not be sharing as we thought we might be. I am currently using some 2.00 and they are adequate but barely. 

Cataract surgery has either changed drastically in the past year and half or my vision situation is a world away from what Butch's was. I have no lifting restrictions. I do not have an eyepatch to wear at night. I have no bending restrictions. I am supposed to stay away from dust and dusty places for 3 days but other than that  I am good to go. I had the surgery at 10:00 A M and it is now 2:30 and I am on the computer...done the puzzles and read email. Yeah, I have to work at it a bit more than I would have yesterday but that is okay. It will only get better. The second eye is getting done a week from tomorrow. I am much less anxious after having the first one done.

Tuesday, July 17

Tuesday Update

All four windows are installed and two have been trimmed out. Both tube skylights are installed. 3 new doors were supposed to be delivered today. Not. But they will not get installed till Saturday so there is time for them to get here. So we are sneaking up to insulation time. Oops forgot about the bugaboo of an energy audit needed before we can insulate. Have not heard a word from Alliant Energy. Figgers.

At any rate I have been quite busy helping Butch and getting various household chores done as well. Today I was helping Colleen with her computer and in the process made a new discovery It is a cutie and takes all the worry out of a computer crash. Easy as pie to use also. Always gathering new material for computer class...

Monday, July 16

Have you noticed?

At the bottom of this blog and all the others I take care of is a place to insert your email address and when you do so you will then receive updates in your email. It does make it handy for people who forget to stop by for a look.
 Barb- the main keeper of the blog

Sunday, July 15

Ballad of Waldo Canyon

You must admire those firefighters.
Written on July 5th, 2012, while watching the last hotspots of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs, which destroyed over 340 homes.
Thanks, Mickey

New Daddy Greg is tuckered out

Two windows and a skylight

Russ and Butch installed 2 windows and a sky light yesterday so indeed the place has a different look.

Butch has some trimming out to do and I have some painting before we can get the completed look.

This next part is the mind-boggling one. We installed a tubular skylight in the bathroom. The bathroom and closet will not have windows so we needed as much light as possible. Our friends Jack and Denise have these tubular skylihts in their house and it is hard to believe the amount of light available without electricity. I have taken the pictures below without any additional light. I am not sure how well you will be able to grasp the concept through these photos.

$153 each and that was an online price. I did not see that low a price anywhere else.  However shipping is free and that really sweetened the deal.. ODL is the brand name. We did a bunch of shopping and we are happy with our choice. The result is amazing. Stop by and check it out!

Tractors at the fair