Saturday, May 24

Two hours to order a phone!! and other stuff...

I spent over two hours on the computer this morning and went through two Verizon "chat masters" to get a phone ordered. I ended up with an LG G2. I saw a random  Facebook post from one of Butch's nephews, Bradley Brooker on how much he loved his new LG G2 and I had just been considering one. So I took it as a sign and went with it. An added bonus is that it was FREE. And my bill is lower than it had been!!  I feel that I am much better off than I would have been with the Samsung. Sometimes obstacles are put in your path for a reason. I have 14 days to decide if I can live with it.

After that hurdle we went to buy memorial flowers for two cemeteries. Talk about sticker shock! $25 and they did not look that healthy. I needed two. So I went with a different plan and used my plate flowers we had made in crafts. Butch said what if they are stolen. I said we would at least not have lost $50 in flowers. And I can always make more plate flowers. In fact it sounds like fun!
So we visited both grave sites and paid homage to those we miss so very much. All of them left us with great memories and many stories.

Last night Leo and Keri brought in a desk and chair Leo was willing to loan me.
The drawers behind the chair are not attached to the desk and have actually been separated from the desk I used to have. It is so handy having a handy man for a husband. Yes, I do appreciate him. Thanks Butch.
I didn't take the time to clean up the area before taking the picture but regardless I am very happy with it and the comfort level is greatly increased. Thanks Leo and Keri!!!

I will get a better picture at a later date.

This afternoon we decided to chill out. After the morning I had, I needed a nap and I took one. 

Papa Gary sent Grandkid pics.

Sweet Baby Leo

Our little fashionista

Make no mistake, she IS a princess.

Handsome little dude

Nana Susan looks happy but I see a nap in the future of the youngins.

Friday, May 23

Today's photos

This is where I store my canned goods. When you live in a tiny house you become creative with places to put things.

This Spring when I cleaned out the flower bed I discovered that I had covered some of my tulips with bricks so I took a picture and marked where they were so it would not happen again

I do not know what this delicate little flower is but I like it.

Neighbor Bill gave me some Iris a couple of summers ago . He said you will do fine as long as you remember their "eye" must see the sky. So I did the best I could and last Spring I didn't think they were going to be any good but this Spring they look gorgeous. You can see them in the second picture too. Only one is open so far

And here comes the cement! Leo was able to come to help between clients for a few minutes. Jason took the day off to help too. That helps me out tremendously. I am not overly qualified for this kind of work but I sometimes have to fill in, in a pinch


Thursday, May 22

Things they are a changing

I cannot believe the last time I posted was Monday! It certainly has been a busy week. Tuesday Butch lined up an excavator from Boone Rental because it became difficult to find fellas who like to dig dirt. We needed a ditch dug for a total of 32 feet, 4 feet deep. Thus the excavator. On Wednesday I got my lesson in how to communicate with a machine operator. Lets just say it was not always a smooth conversation. We did however get the job done and the excavator returned to Boone, 28 miles away, in a timely fashion.

 We are now ready for concrete and it will be here late afternoon tomorrow.

While we were in Boone we decided to visit the Verizon store. My current phone is 6 years old. Long story but here goes- Two years ago I decided to go with a Smart phone. Big mistake. I could not answer the d--- thing. I would have to swipe up on it 5 or 6 times and may still not be able to answer it. After trying to deal with the frustration for 2 months I gave up and went back to my old phone. So that is why I am using a 6 year old phone. But I was stuck with a two year contract and a lousy smart phone that was unusable. The contract was up today. So we visited the store and I set my sites on a Samsung Galaxy S 5 but our contract was not up till today. Oh and by the way there was a $150 rebate on this phone at that time making my cost $100. So today I went in to get it and the price was no longer $100 because the rebate now was only $50 making the cost of it $200. So I backed out on the deal. Had I known you can get a phone if it is within 7 days of your phone contract expiration I could have done the deal the first day we were there!  So now I will watch for a "deal" before getting a new phone.
So trying a "smart phone" for the second time will have to wait till the time is right.

So back to the first subject. Concrete tomorrow- block laid next week and then we will be ready for the carpenter, our friend Russ to work his magic. So this room could come to fruition soon but you have heard that expression about the best laid plans... So hold our breath and hope for the best.

I am also working on flower beds but I do hope to get a few minutes for a post to keep you up to date.

Monday, May 19


Last Christmas Peg gifted me with this decoration. She had appropriate Christmas gel clings on it. I decided to multipurpose my gift and make it appropriate for other seasons. Thus the bird. I like it all over again! Thanks Peg. Oh and by the way... I am missing Costco.