Saturday, December 12

Elise the actress

Elise is playing a munchkin in the Harrisonville MO High school play. She never disappoints!

Friday, December 11

New Roof on Motorhome

Len started on the roof on Tuesday and finished today (Friday) and the days he put in were long and arduous. This is the final result and is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the motorhome, transferring to subsequent owners. We are happy with our new top!

Printable papers

I ran across this neat website and thought it might be useful to some of you.

Free Printable Paper

1,597 papers you can download and print for free. We've got graph paper, lined paper, financial paper, music paper, and more.

Tuesday, December 8

New RV Roof

Today we started getting a new roof application. This was day 1 of 3 as I understand it. Len, the roof worker worked all day without a break finishing for the day at 5:30PM.

After coffee hour this morning Len was busily working on the roof and I needed to use the bathroom. I looked up and I could see sky and thought this is not going to work. So I went over to Donn and Peg's and told them my predicament. I used their facilities, but Donn said perhaps I could solve my problem if I used an umbrella. By golly, that could work!!

 I was Kay's assistant for the Jam tickets today so I took my camera and this is my favorite shot of the day. This is today's kitchen crew for the Jam lunch. From left: Dorral, Peggy, Larry, and Geneva. They make a great team, enjoy working together and it shows.

Our Miss Elise the author

From her Nana Susan:
Our sweet girl got to read her book that she wrote and illustrated to the members of our local Kiwanis today at noon.  She also enjoyed lunch with dessert first - or so I was told!  LOL!  My boss was there, and he also has a video of her reading it!  Very cool!!

And then I thought...

I have had a few thoughts on the carbon monoxide issue of the last post. The lady affected has a tiny dog. Why didn't the dog die? Hmmm.... Maybe that whole issue needs to be looked at again.

Sometimes a second thought takes a while to happen. I think that is called being slow on the uptake.

I am doing my best to get other authors added to the other blog. And I have been having some success. This one will always have me as the author because I doubt I could ever get Butch to add to it.
The other one, has several people who could post to it but only a couple who do. If you have doubt that I wrote it look at the bottom of the post and it will say who posted it.

Life is just ambling along in a smooth and easy manner while being busy at the same time. The weeks fly by so quickly it is almost frightening if I stop long enough to think about it. The upside to it is that both Butch and I are doing what we want to do when we want to do it so how could things ever be better than that!

Monday, December 7


Our weather has been perfect with one beautiful day sliding right into the next. Time flies when you are having fun!
There was an association meeting this morning. I had not planned to go, but I was glad I did. It was one of the more interesting ones I have attended for some time.
In a nutshell, people with water meters have been overpaying for their water for years. One of the residents has taken it to the Texas Utilities Commission and verified the fact and it is going to be pursued.

Another interesting tidbit is that the association is looking into their bingo machine and plan to investigate getting one that works. Long overdue.

And a resident suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning after the gas was shut off and the residents were not notified, or at least that is strongly suspected to be the reason for the illness that put her in the hospital for several days.

Kay, Peggy and I were on the lunch committee for crafts today so that took care of the remainder of my day. Pretty much anyway.

Tomorrow will be just as busy as we are getting a new roof coating on the RV and I have promised Kay I would be her assistant for selling tickets at the Jam. After that things may slow a bit. The roof procedure is a 2 day affair so Wednesday will be busy too.
Every now and then I have a start and say, "Oh, oh, I haven't had a blog entry for too long."  And when that happens they may not be that interesting." But at least you know I am thinking about you.