Saturday, March 15

So what...

So what have I been doing? Staying indoors as much as possible the past couple of days. Why you might ask? First off we are "enjoying" triple digit temperatures. Secondly I am suffering with high tree pollen allergies. So I am wearing a mask when I do go out. We need an air-clearing rain. It hasn't rained at all for what seems like a very long time.
Enough grumbling...
I enjoyed a visit via computer with Marvin Ludwig today. Marv was our square dance caller for many years. We discussed many subjects as we have always done every time we are together.

And then I started in on a long unfinished Swedish Weaving project that has been on the back burner for over a year. I am making progress on it and I am enjoying getting back to it.
Also I did three loads of laundry today.
Butch got a new tip put on his pool cue so had to try that out. Then he had a couple of electrical calls to attend to.
Fuel prices are affecting our Spring plans somewhat. We plan to stay here a bit longer than usual and then pretty much head straight North stopping in Carthage to do a spring cleaning of our movable home before venturing to Iowa for our doctor visits. I turned 65 this month so I may get a more thorough going over and that can take longer what with tests etc.

Monday, March 10

Straight from the Headlines

The following quote is copied straight from the Des Moines Register Headline...It sure tickled my funnybone!
Former councilman Brad Olson pleaded guilty today of second-degree theft and acknowledged "that there is strong evidence of my actual guilt."

Somebody should send this to Jay Leno...