Saturday, January 29

Plate flower Yard Art

Items needed:
A variety of plates and dishes that look well stacked together
Hockey pucks with 3/8" or larger hole drilled in it
marine epoxy,CLEAR ( we used Gorilla glue at first and it fell apart when it became wet)
ReBar of your desired length, painted your desired color
(Some people were using plastic rebar they found in the garden department and it worked too.)
I wiped off the plates with alcohol before using the adhesive to make sure there was a clean surface to adhere to.
Here is a picture of the back side of the plate.

Allergies and other stuff

Allergies are a big problem here in Sunny South Texas. And if you are prone to them anyway it can make it even worse. My theory is that it does not get cold enough or rain often enough to wipe out allergens. Butch is suffering with allergies and has been for several weeks now. The sinus drainage starts and doesn't shut off. It is allergies out of control. I went through this a year or two ago and decided I would take every precaution at the earliest inclination and so far I have warded it off. I have taken loratadine every day since that uncontrolled bout I had a year or two ago. But that isn't always enough. I use the nettie pot at the first sign of a tickle in my throat from sinus drainage. Of course, being around others with the coughing and sinus clearing is not good either in case there is a virus involved. Butch has had two visits to the doctor and received lots of high dollar meds and we can finally say he is on the mend. Or at least I think he is. I think he finally got a good nights sleep last night with only a couple of coughing bouts. He is still sleeping in at this writing and that is a good sign.
I do not know how I ever found time to put the directory together in years past. Deon has done it this year at my request and I am ever so grateful. I did enjoy it but it is also great not having the pressure. I have taken the pictures and that was pressure enough.
The flower plates are a big hit around the park. I have taken pictures of all I found placed in yards and I have a few more to get yet. It is a fun and easy craft project. I will write out directions and get them posted in a separate posting. Peggy placed hers in our yard so she could enjoy them from her window. Wonder who gave her that idea?
The one on the left is a vase glued to the plate.

Wednesday, January 26


Looking at this I would say we are downright balmy. Perspective- it is all about perspective.

Monday, January 24


Not much moves me to tears...but this did.


Double meaning with the title today. I have been making and teaching bracelet-making on a steady basis. Last Saturday there were four of us enjoying a beading session learning peyote. It is the hardest to teach and learn in my opinion. Classes for that must be small. The Saturday bunch did very well. Either they were quick learners or I am getting better at explaining. Maybe a bit of both.
Last week Peggy and I went hunting out bead stores. There are several but all are small and so far only one sells the Delica beads we need for peyote. We ran into the mananas state of mind at two different stores. The lights were on- a sign said they were open- but the door was locked and we couldn't get anyones attention. It is the way of the deep,deep south if you catch my drift. The only ones who think there is something wrong with that are we winter Texans. Different cultures clashing. Small thing. We also stopped at a couple of thrift stores because the next craft project is the flower plates on rebar. Thrift stores and dollar stores are the perfect place to get the items needed for this project. I think most of us have gathered enough plates to make a whole garden of non-growing flowers.
Butch is busy getting as much play in as possible on golf and shuffleboard as he is playing in the Seniors RGV Olympics in those two events.  I guess it makes him feel better to know he practiced. He is quite good at both these days.
Must get on with my day. Till next time...