Saturday, March 5

Thursday, March 3

Here comes the Easter Rooster!

Tuesday, March 1

Grandchildren Ann 15 and Chris 20...or they will be this month. They reside in Georgia.

Monday, February 28


Smile!Mondays are a very busy day for us. Butch has golf and of course that shoots the day. I start the day with shuffleboard. For an old peoples game it sure is alot of fun. Then I have Warblers...a singing group and that is followed by crafts in the afternoon. I am kind of independent ( no news to anyone) so if I do not care for the current project I bring my own. I think it is a good idea to go down and mix with the rest of them. Some of the neatest ideas arise. We have one more month down here and then I think we are headed west. Let us know when it is good and warm up there!

Sunday, February 27

Butch's brother Don sent this deceivingly simple little game. Let us know if you win. I have not by the way.