Friday, April 7

A Day in the Park with Camera

These are slightly different photos than the ones on Magnolia Blog.
 Kiskadee's nesting in Cactus. Bill Stilson was curious about the nesting material. Since I see blue and orange strings I would guess it be packing cord as well as grasses.
Great Kiskadees are a treat for bird watchers who visit south Texas—and the birds won’t keep you waiting. They’re boisterous in both attitude and color: a black bandit’s mask, a yellow belly, and flashes of warm reddish-brown when they fly. Kiskadees sit out in the open and attract attention with incessant kis-ka-dee calls and sallying flights. Despite their small U.S. range, this is one of the most widespread flycatchers in the Western Hemisphere.

Thursday, April 6

South Padre Adventure

Butch's cousin Dick and his wife Joann visited for a few days in Sunny South Texas. These photos are from our South Padre adventure. The wind was blowing 'like 60' as my grandma used to say. The beach was void of people. The shrimp at Dirty Al's was wonderful!

 Oil derrick platforms in storage.
 Looks like snow but it is sand.
                                    Dick and Joann Jorgensen

  Looks like a barge. I was able to get this shot compliments of my new camera.
Butch and Joann

Designated seating.

                                                    Red Snapper
                                                         Crab legs

Wednesday, April 5


We have had a bit of an upset in our plans. Joann caught a bug and cannot be too far away from a facility so we are waiting for her to find some relief and a desire to resume the activities. We ate the same food so that isn't it.
So for the time being, we are being leisurely.

I have a feeling it may not work to coax her to come down again.Smileycons!
The bloom is off the rose.

Monday, April 3

Jorgensens trip- Day 1 Mexico

 Mexican/USA border- the Rio Grande River

Lineup of chimineas

Baby Blankets

 These two pups were on guard duty in a store.

 The Red Snapper
Easter Pinatas

Lunch at Jessica's

 Joann left for a minute and the next time we looked there she was on the dance floor!