Wednesday, March 20

So this is Wednesday

...And that is almost as much enthusiasm as I can muster.

 We did have a good time at Tuesday Trivia last night back in the Sunrise Room. There were 6 teams and it was a tight race. One team led until the last double down round and in the end, another team came out on top. Team Smartypants lived up to their reputation and came in first while Team BooBee came in second. One member of Team Spring Breakers told me it was the longest he could ever remember of not having his phone!
I congratulated him!

This morning I checked my email and Peggy G. sent me a picture of the Whistling ducks in Magnolia Park and they were on our old site. Do you suppose they were looking for us?

Shortly thereafter one flew by our front window and sure enough, we had a bunch too. Whistling Ducks are a funny looking thing.

And this Golden Fronted Woodpecker was outside our window.

I snipped this one from a weather page. We too have had a lousy winter and a hope for things to improve.

Monday, March 18

Golden Days?

These are supposed to be our golden days where the weatherman has nothing to report because the days are consistently in the 70's or low 80's. March has always been a near perfect time to be in sunny South Texas. If things do not turn around and quickly I will have to say this has been one of the worst weather seasons we have ever had with drizzle and wildly fluctuating temperatures with more down than up and day after day of gloom and only an erratic peek at the sun. The forecast for the remainder of the week is more of the same.
Fortunately, there is still plenty to do. Down here in the parks if you are bored it is definitely your own fault. There is always some activity taking place, plenty of people to talk to, play cards or board games.

My health: The sinus situation is controllable and I can keep it that way if some nasty bug doesn't intervene. The basic problem is that the left side of my nose will swell and block up completely at the slightest provocation and then my upper sinus cannot drain properly and eventually leads to an infection thus becoming a vicious cycle. Right now it is okay. My next appointment with the heart doctor is March 25th. I do not know how that will go but I am losing patience.
 I thought perhaps since I was labeled PRE-diabetic 20 years ago that my blood sugar had gone out of whack so I bought a new tester and my first two readings have been 99 and 104. With that label of PRE-diabetic, they always dismiss the PRE part. That irritates me. I have never had an A1C above 5.9 for the past 20 years. And it is now looking like my blood sugar is okay too. Grrr!

Back Home:
My problems seem minor when I watch the news and see all the flooding and damage from ice blocks in the midwest. They have had a very rough Winter and now Spring is handing them even more difficulties. The pictures have been heartbreaking.

This photo was taken last summer on the RRVT at Winkelmans Switch and with the Raccoon River bridge being damaged I won't be able to get there this summer. 😞