Friday, August 30


Our friends gifted us with a squirrel-proof bird feeder for our 60th anniversary and this post is for them because I just took several photos of the squirrels attempt to get at the tasty morsels in the bird feeder. What is supposed to happen and indeed it did was the weight of the squirrel drops a bar down and makes it impossible for him to obtain the access he needs to get to the food At one point he pinched his fingers in the process.
Pictures in the order taken:

Quick RVing Tip

Quick Tip

There is one phenomenon common to all vehicles that most drivers don’t think about; when you turn the steering wheel sharply to the RIGHT, the portion of the vehicle behind the rear tires “swings” LEFT (and vice-versa). In a car, you will seldom be close enough to anything to cause a problem, but remember that a motorhome has a lot more sticking out behind the rear wheels. You must not be too close to a vehicle or obstacle when you turn away from it, because the “swing” is much more pronounced.

Morning Sunrise- August 30th 2019

 And another neighbor story- This one is on the other side of us. Last Spring after getting landed on by the city for trash he had thrown out beside his front door. A 'caretaker' of his, gathered up the loose garbage with this dilapidated snow shovel, bagging it up and taking it away, setting the shovel up next to the house resulting in a lovely makeshift trellis. I love it when things get repurposed! Yes, I do have better things to do!

Leo and Keri's Gazebo

Butch has been working on tearing down the gazebo. I am glad Leo took these photos because now I know it has not yet fallen on his head!

Thursday, August 29


This from the latest issue of RV Daily Tips newsletter and I am totally disgusted with the powers that be who have let this happen to an otherwise beautiful state. Last night Butch and I stopped at a rural home of a friend of ours and the smell was overpowering. We rushed into the house to escape the hog smell. And yet when a new hog confinement comes up for consideration it will pass no matter how big the protest! Disgusting!


Iowa leads the USA in the amount of human and animal waste it produces. It’s a pressing environmental concern, according to a University of Iowa research engineer. Chris Jones’ study found that the state with 3.2 million people and a total livestock population of 110 million produce as much manure as a human population of 168 million, the Des Moines Register reported. “Just to ensure clarity, in Iowa, we are generating as much fecal waste in every square mile as 2,979 people,” Jones wrote in a blog on the university’s website.

Wednesday, August 28

Mowing story

Our neighbors continuing saga...
His last attempt at mowing was left in his front yard. Yup, just walked off and left the mower where it was when it quit the last time. His landlord is now arranging for it to be mowed and it has been mowed twice, poorly both times. Here is yesterdays mowing event.
Mowed around the pushmower but left it right where it has been for a long, long time.

Trail Pics

Early morning and a sunrise on the trail...

Other Minded

Apparently, my mind has been otherwise occupied and sometimes I just do not feel like writing. It doesn't happen often as you can see if you look back over the 17 years I have been at this business of blog writing. Some things have changed drastically and some things haven't changed at all in those 17 years.

One of the biggest changes and most noticeable is the change in our winter destination. After all, that was the main impetus for beginning this blog in the first place. We could see the writing on the wall that things were deteriorating quickly in Magnolia Park, our winter home for 16 years and it saddened us to leave but leave we did. We chose our new park carefully and with only our own needs and desires in mind. I did not have a good season due to health issues but thankfully those are behind me now and I am looking ahead to a more satisfying winters stay coming up soon. It is funny how just a bit of cool weather can turn your mind in that direction.

I have been looking at the overall situation of Magnolia Park, it will always be Magnolia Park to me, and the starkest fact is that regardless of how the citizens of the park feel about the situation, whether you are staying or leaving or have left already it has had a very real disruption of our lives. It will never be the same. We all have to adjust ourselves to a new way of doing Winter. And it is sad. We are used to making adjustments but they are usually small and happen slowly. This is a BIG change and affects all of us. I will miss that chapter of our lives and will look back on those years fondly, except for Charlie, I will never look back at Charlie fondly. 😏 He was a big learning experience for me though. When he left the park for the last time a group of people came out to the gate and cheered. That will be all I will say publically about Charlie. Enough already!

And at last here are some of my latest photos: Leo and Keri had their grandchildren visiting last weekend and they spent time at the park that is near us so I stopped over for a pic or two.
Jorgen and batting practice.
 While Clara enjoyed the swing.

The newest feeder is getting a lot of use these days.

 Gary and Jason visit with Mom before heading to Atlantic for the Golf tournament
Do I like this photo of me? "NO"  I am still working at liking it better in the future. I feel good if that counts!

Monday, August 26


2nd Annual Tournament of Brothers + Dad. They all played well but fell through the cracks by one stroke. Maybe next year!
Played at Nishna Hills Golf Course in Atlantic Iowa on August 25th, 2019