Saturday, June 25

Photos from this week.

 On the bike trail

River bottom cornfield


   Flowers are always in bloom along the trail

Colleen gave me some Italian garlic to plant and it is taking hold.

Finally spruced up the north side of the front step. The fern likes it there.

 A Bluejay taking a bath on a hot day.

A classmate of ours, Johnny Hamilton was celebrating 50 years in the Hamilton Redi-Mix business. 800 people invited, 40 kegs of beer. It was a big do.
These are 3 classmates of mine Denise O'Brien Van, Darrell Millard and Janet Smith

We were blessed with a few drops of rain tonight. We desperately need much more!
 New kitties at Leo and Keri's place.

Friday, June 24

Busy week update

Audiologist visit went well. One of Butch's hearing aids had stopped working but he has 3 years of protection so at no cost it was fixed. All good.
Thursday we made our way to Atlantic for a concert featuring our friend Sherri Clark's son, Jared Hall. Jared performs with the group, Velvet Caravan. Their genre of music is gypsy jazz which is experiencing an upbeat of popularity all over the world. It was a great time meeting the band at Randy and Sherri's place, being very well fed and thoroughly enjoying the concert.
Here is a youtube video about the group:

I will Survive by Velvet Caravan

Even though it was much fun it made for a late night for us and we are getting older by the minute. This morning we had to head east by 6:45 am for Ames and Butch's appointment for his nerve test. Now he has an appt. with a surgeon on August 10th. He would like it to be sooner but we do not always get what we wish for.
So being short on sleep and having a restless night I did not get much of anything productive done today.
Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be better.

Monday, June 20

Busy week

Rode the trail this morning before getting a haircut- Butch played golf- then road-trip to Menards in Ft. Dodge and Lowes in Ames. That should be enough for today.

Tuesday might be a free day.

Wednesday Butch has appt. with audiologist in Carroll-annual checkup

Thursday we travel to Atlantic for the Velvet Caravan concert-will be a late night.

Friday-Butch has a nerve test scheduled in Ames at 8:00 AM

And I think it is a full week if I have one thing on my weekly agenda!

The floor in the moho is one tiny chore from being completed. It is a glue job, so we let Russ do that. He will be gluing a rubber piece on the transition area from slideout to floor and another on the edge of the landing. And then it will be tada!! FINISHED! It is looking very good and I am quite anxious to get it back in its "ready to roll" mode. Construction, no matter which home it is taking place, puts everything in turmoil.