Saturday, June 24

Class of '61

Jolene and Rozetta at the Jefferson Iowa Class of '61 Reunion -Friday Night at Johnny Hamiltons beautiful home. I will take more pictures today and if any of my classmates have pictures I could post please send them to me at

Linda and Roger
Janet Smith and Linda Baker Wiley
The long and the short of it- Steve Melson and Michaele Patterson Bonenberger.
Kay Snow Taylor with John our host in the background

Thursday, June 22

Sites 1 & 2 are open for business
We are located on site #3 at the Trailrider RV Park on the east side of Yale Iowa.
Mickey's Pita- Stands for Pain In The-A--.

Wednesday, June 21

Trailrider RV Park

The Trailrider RV park is a reality and we are in site number 3. We have electricity and sewer and we will have water soon. We have a different point of view from this spot. To the East is a cornfield and across the road we can see Marv and Judi's house and their horses; to the south and southwest is a farm and cattle and off in the distance, a mile away, I can see traffic on highway 4; Directly west is the town of Yale, the bike trail and the local farmers co-op; And north are grain bins and more cornfields. We are situated on a knoll which affords us a pleasant rural view all around.
Today we are headed back to Des Moines so Butch can finish up some electrical work for brother Leo. I will once again visit with Mickey while he is busy.
Tomorrow I am conducting a Swedish Weaving Class in Panora at the Ben Franklin store. Friday we will pull out of here and take our happy home to Jefferson for my class reunion. We will be boondocking at Leo's for a few days and then we will make our way back to Yale. So as you can see we are not doing too much that could be considered exciting but we are going about the business of living in an ordinary least for us. If everyday were a party there would be nothing to look forward to. Till next time...

Monday, June 19

Waiting for rock
Sheeting goes down before the rock. It takes much less rock this way. Austin is in the picture and he has been much of the muscle to get this RV Park off the ground.
Marv's hoe is usually much larger than this one!!
Yesterday Marv, Judi and Butch and I went to Guthrie Center to help members of the Extension Service plant a garden at the local nursing home. We got to keep our tools.;-)

Sunday, June 18


Went into Clive (Des Moines suburb) to visit friend Mickey while Butch did some electrical work for his brother Leo. Mickey and I found the Greenbelt bike trail and rode some. It is very close to her house, very canopied and runs along side Walnut Creek. It was a beautiful ride. This trail ties in with the Raccoon River Valley Trail that is 1/4 mile from the new RV park in Yale. So conceivably Mickey and I could hop on our bikes and visit each other instead of driving. That is if we could handle a 38 mile ride one way! I do have plans to rally my biking friends and plan some sort of bike outing. Maybe a a ride from Yale to Jefferson, have lunch at the Tea Garden, yes, in our stinky sweaty biking clothes, and then return to Yale. It would be a total of 36 miles. I think I can handle it. Tell me if you can.