Saturday, September 24

Myron and Indie

Myron and Indie in their favorite chair.

My friend Norma

sent me this picture. Isn't it great!

Friday, September 23


Went to Karla's in Ogden to help her paint her living room a very soft gray. She has a new couch on order and it will be a darker shade of gray. Her living room will be very pretty when it gets all put together with her finishing touches and a  nice calming place to come home to after a days work. We also had fun working together on a project. We finished up today. Butch came with me today and did a couple of chores. Then we lunched at The Lucky Pig and followed that up with Devon's homecoming parade. Devon is in middle school, plays the trumpet and is manager for the football coach. All this and gets good grades too! I was very impressed with the middle school band. They sounded very good and much better than the varsity band. I was surprised and I can get away with saying so because I do not know who I might be offending. It seemed the middle school students took their job far more seriously. I tried my best to get a picture of Devon but all I managed to get was one leg!
Devon is marching to the right of the tuba player.

Finally took pictures of the backsplash. I hate to admit it but this was not a pleasant experience. It kept falling off the wall and I laid awake nights trying to figure out what to do about it. Elmer's Spray Adhesive was the solution. I wished I had some on hand before starting the project. The backsplash we used from Lowes was much easier and adhered very well.
Now that the solution has appeared to work we are once again happy with the look of it

Thursday, September 22

We did...

Tuesday I put the backsplash in the kitchen. We both like it very much but it is not sticking as well as I would like so the jury is still out on this one. The stuff from lowes was not a problem. We will see...
Wednesday we went to visit the Van Houwelings in Prairie City. They have a countrified high-end resort. I say high-end because they have EVERYTHING but it is in the country and takes a ride over 3 miles of gravel roads to get there. They have a big farm house, a tiny house, a pool house, a pool, a hot tub, a pond and an island! And they are the most gracious and accommodating hosts you could ever ask for. I do not know if they have a moniker for their fine place but it could be dubbed Prairie View Resort. We were very impressed!
We are here!

The tiny house-front

 The deck of the big house. The pool and pool house are behind and to the right of the garage with star.

  The deck and back side of tiny house. Pool house and part of pool is almost visible left of pond.

The backside of big house. Very comfy sitting area - note hot tub on right side.

The pond and island

 The pond side of tiny house

Indy on Myron's lap- I have a better shot of this and will post it later.

Monday, September 19

Jim Stafford Songs-Do you remember?

I Ain't Sharin' Sharon

Swamp Witch

16 Little Red Noses and a Horse That Sweats

Today's walk Photo

Last nights gathering

Dee is doing some splainin' to Mickey and Sharon. Jack has heard it all before.

Dugan- our host. Larry and Butch are visiting in the background.

Jack H.,Dugan, Dee, Jerilynn

Jerilynn enjoying her birthday cake

Dee, Jerilynn and me. Pete has his back to the camera.
We all enjoyed the food and the company.

Computer story to share

Way back before we retired we played Bridge with a group of friends. We always had food involved in our sessions of course. One time Sue served a frozen fruit cup and it was special so I asked for the recipe. That was several computers ago and over the years I have had a variety of ways to save recipes. One of my ways of saving back in the day was in emails and really, saving emails as files is not something I would recommend these days. I am wanting to make this special recipe for an upcoming event so I began a search for it. I looked in my current places and it dawned on me it would not be there so I did a simple search, within my computer, for Sue's Frozen Fruit Cup and up popped an email file. I clicked on it and you can imagine the smile on my face when this is what I saw-

Recipe:    Sue's Frozen Fruit Cup        8/2/2006
Category: Desserts

1 1/2 C. Sugar
     1 C. Water,(Or Apple Juice)
     2 cn Mandarin Oranges,Drained
     1 cn Crushed Pineapple,Do Not Drain
     2 pk Frozen Strawberries,Thawed
     5    Bananas

[Note: This is the only way I can get Butch to eat fruit. ]
Combine sugar and water  and heat till sugar is dissolved. Cool to room
temperature. Combine with remaining ingredients. Place in foil lined
muffin cups and freeze till solid.

 If you make note of the date on the recipe let me assure you that I obtained the recipe long before that date. 8/2/2006 reflects the date I saved the email as a file.
This little story started my day off on the right foot. That and getting my walk done.

Sunday, September 18


Our granddaughter Ann and her middle daughter Scarlett.

Sunday, Sunday

Keri and I rode this morning as we had walked yesterday. A chill in the air, sunshine with a few fluffy clouds. Beautiful morning! We rode to Roger's road and back. They have the new crossing finished and it looks very nice. So all crossings in Greene County are paved now on the bike trail.


 Raccoons have such delicate looking human-like hands

First tooth fairy visit

First visit from the tooth fairy and she used the same pillow her mama used for her tooth fairy visits. Little Leo looks happy for his big sister, Elise.