Friday, May 13


Colleen says this is the difference between us but I actually think we have this in common.

RV Flooring replacement

Butch started tearing out carpeting yesterday to get a better idea of what we are dealing with to replace all the flooring in the RV. At this point, it seems a bit overwhelming but as in all things, we will take it one step at a time.

Wednesday, May 11

Hole in one for Butch

The big news of the day is that Butch finally got a hole in one! No witnesses of course but he says he whooped it up pretty good and he is satisfied knowing that he has one.

Elise's Self-portrait

Her mama says:"The one on the left is from the beginning of the year and the one on the right is a recent self-portrait. Wow, the change in a school year!!"
And the year is Kindergarten!

Tuesday, May 10

Crazy Hair day

Little Leo has a natural mohawk due to two cowlicks. So it is a natural event to have a mohawk for crazy hair day at preschool

And Miss Elise chose a princess hairstyle for a sleek look.

Monday, May 9

Mother's Day

I had a great Mothers day. Karla, my niece, came over and we went for an 8 mile bike ride on the trail. We fixed a loin for dinner along with a bunch of veggies. Gary called for a good visit and Jason came over today and took us out for breakfast. So it was all good.