Friday, August 7

HWY 141 garage sale

Butch wanted to 'do' the hwy 141 garage sale today. Last year Sherri Clark and I rode bikes from Redfield to Jefferson while Butch did the garage sale alone. This year I am going with Butch. So we left bright and early this morning. We started off in Bagley, then Bayard then headed back east catching Jamaica, Dawson and Perry before returning home. There are many bargains out there for sure!
Here are our treasures.

We didn't buy it of course but this is a zither and my mother played one. Nostalgia.

 On the trail...

 These are hollyhocks-zerbena. We had some of these in Cumberland and I didn't know their name at that time. Ran into these while looking for hollyhock seeds and recognized them. They are shorter by far than regular hollyhocks. So I planted them and now they are taking off...more nostalgia!
 Already looking forward to these perennials next year.

Thursday, August 6

Gary went south

Gary was up bright and early with plans to do the high trestle trail before heading for home...and he did!

I asked a favor of Keri to make a Lemon Meringue Pie for him as his birthday is next Tuesday and that was always his request every year. It was a special treat for all of us. Very yummy!

These were this morning's trail pics.

Gary uses an app on his phone called MapMyRide. I now have it on my phone and used it for the first time today. You may want to check it out.

Another bit of tech news that set me off the wrong way; Microsofts new Windows 10 that has been getting rave reviews has a new browser named Edge. The browser is not getting rave reviews so a person might say no big deal, neither did Internet Explorer that no longer exists once you have Windows 10. At first I was not concerned in the least because I use Chrome for a browser anyway and had no plans to switch. So the bad news is they have made changing your default browser extremely difficult to change from Edge! That is a mighty underhanded trick Microsoft! Sure we will give you Windows 10 absolutely free and aren't we wonderful for doing that! The price you will pay is not being able to set your default browser to what you want without a gurus help and jumping through many hidden hoops. It has to be what we want you to have. And to top it off worthless no-good Bing is also part of your package. I will not be downloading Windows 10 until I am very familiar with what it takes to have Chrome be my default browser.

Today's Ride-a day late!

Jason came over and met up with Gary for a ride to Waukee from Jefferson using the southern route through Panora. He arrived early and they took off at 6:30 AM. As an added gift to me he brought his tubular art! I love it! He also brought a new burn barrel for his dad.

Here are the guys getting ready for take-off.
6:30 AM

The conditions were perfect. Overcast, calm winds, and cool temperatures.

It started to rain in Jefferson so Butch got a bit antsy and thought we should make their pick-up vehicle more readily available if needed so we drove to Redfield and waited for them. This tar design in the pavement caught my artistic eye. It didn't rain anywhere else it seems.
They made it to the Waukee trailhead in good time in less than 5 hours, 52 miles.

They were a little worse for wear today. Gary said it was bit more challenging especially the last 8 miles. We enjoyed lunch at Patricks Restaurant in Adel Iowa. It is right on the trail and a very popular place for lunch. 

Tuesday, August 4


Son Gary is here from Missouri for a few days. Today he rode the bike trail from Jefferson to Waukee, 45 miles taking the Perry/Minburn route. He left here at 8:00 AM this morning and we drove to Waukee and picked him up before noon. I think his exact time was 3 hours 43 minutes. That is impressive to many people who ride. He says he averaged 13 mph on his bike. At first Butch and I thought we might leap frog, taking turns riding with him. Son Jason said we would have trouble keeping up with him so we decided not to hold him back. Good move on our part.
Tomorrow Jason is coming over and they are riding to Waukee again but this time by way of Panora.
By the way, I need to get word to my cousin Phyllis who lives in Minburn that they need better signage for bikers coming from the north. Gary did not know he had even gone through Minburn. I know she cares about this info having taken part in celebrating the trail when it first opened last year.
We are very lucky to have this great resource so near to us for both biking and walking.

Monday, August 3

Old Lady Syndrome

It is a natural thing to slow down as you age. I have both observed this and experienced it. It seems to be my year to realize it on many levels. Younger people look at you differently and can be condescending. Less tolerance for the petty things in life. When you look at pictures of yourself from your past and are not at all sure it is you and others do not think so either. At any rate, these are things I have given much more thought to lately. Not sure if it is good or bad but let us just say it is what it is and I will do my best to enjoy each day as it comes and live in the moments.
 Geez! Trying to remember 3 days back without much luck! Sunday Karla came over and we rode to Winkleman switch and back. We had a great ride and a good visit.
This was taken near the river bridge.

And here is the latest project.
It needs more flowers and embellishment, but it is a start. My friend Sherri Clark in Atlantic donated the bicycle. Thanks Sherri!