Thursday, September 17

This is all there is to say...

Today I am off to deal with more of Bob's(step-father) stuff. The good news of that is my lifelong friend Mickey is going with me. That will make it a much more pleasant day.

Yesterday we got the faceplate put on the new car and it is ready to tow so we have been on the move. Angel doesn't like it when we are both gone all the time but she is an easygoing cat and doesn't make us "pay" too much. Now when is the laundry going to get done?????

Tuesday, September 15

Turn of Events

My step-father Robert Turnbull of Atlantic Iowa is in the nursing home in Anita Iowa-Colonial Manor. The doctor has put his foot down and says he can no longer take care of himself at home. Bob has no children or other relatives to take care of his loose ends for him so it seems I have the job. I will be getting his small senior citizen apartment cleared out as well as all the other stuff that takes place in this situation. So if there is a gap in communications on the blog you now know why. I would ask you all to help but there is barely room for me in his apartment!!
Deadline: October 1st.

Monday, September 14

Great time at the Fair

Assembly line onion rings-Patti, Norma, Barb and Leslie are double dipping those onions while the guys are cooking them. They were absolutely delicious of course and not one bit good for my blood sugar.

We had a great time at the fair. The weather cooperated the entire time. My Swedish weaving turned out exactly opposite what I would have thought. My brown "Melody Ann" pattern received a first place and the child's alphabet one received a second. And my pictures won 3 seconds and one third. It was my first time entering and I indeed learned a few things that would help in the future.More photos are located at