Saturday, May 27

Hitchcock House on the Underground Railway

Hitchcock House on the Underground Railway

If you are in Southwest Iowa make the Hitchcock House one of the area attractions to see.


We are staying at the Dick and Leslie Cleaveland farm at Oakland Iowa and being treated like royalty. First night here we were fed some great Iowa steaks. It had been a very long time.
Yesterday we went to the zoo. It had been a very long time since we had done that as well. There have been many changes at the zoo in the six or seven years since we have been there but it is still recognizable as the great Henry Doorly Zoo we know and love.
My Internet connection is good enough to bring in the mail but not good enough to work with the 130 pictures I took at the zoo so look for them on the Webshots site a little later.
We are having a great time with Dick and Leslie and will be here a few more days.

Wednesday, May 24

Carla's Column

The Offenburgers may be the best thing to happen to Greene County in many,many years. Read Carla's top twelve
Best Buddies
Lexi and Gloria at Leo & Keri's house

Stormy weather

Last night I was deep in sleep about 11:30 PM while Butch was less so apparently as he heard someone knocking on our door. I got up but had difficulty getting my wits about me to open the door for a park ranger who informed us storms were on their way and would arrive about midnight. Strong winds (70+MPH) and lightning, posssible hail and we should secure things. I was rattled but tried to go back to bed and sleep...It didn't work for quite a while. It was a good drill for us however as when someone comes to the door in the middle of the night we should open the window to talk to them rather than the door in case they are unsavory characters. I will try to remember that next time. Also, the storm wasn't much. The knock on the door and the subsequent stress was far worse than the storm.

Tuesday, May 23


"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one
hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult."

--E. B. White