Thursday, June 2

Stress Buster

Eric Grohe - This guy is incredible!
Appearances can definitely fool you, especially with expert help, as you
can see at this website -- go there and enjoy...aren't these amazing?!

Wednesday, June 1

Angel has adjusted to her new digs.

Sunday, May 29

Smile! Finished first bike ride of the season!!!! 9.58 miles. It was wonderful. Lots of pretty Spring flowers along the trail, light northerly breeze, overcast sky.

Free Campgrounds for RVs

Free Campgrounds for RVs
A fantastic resource for us frugal RVers. And as people add new ones it is getting even better. If you know of a campground that is $10 a night or less please add it to the site. Also please pass this on to your RVing friends!
Just completed Swedish Weaving project number 4. Number 5 has begun!!
Memorial Day Peony- Our current walking route includes a stroll through St. Joseph Cemetery in Jefferson Iowa.
Taz and Tippy...the odd couple that resides with sister Myrla in Rockwell City Iowa.
More adventures of Taz and her cat Tippy
Put your own caption on this one!