Saturday, August 19

Another view

Another view of the overgrown bike trail Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 16

My friend Sherri Clark took about 10 of her current and former daycare kids on a bike ride. She is pictured here with Parker. I went along as back up. It was a 6 mile ride on the T-bone trail and all but one made the entire trip. We did have one ,Sara, who crashed and ended up with some nasty scrapes but she too was a trooper.
Hannah has made the turn. 3 miles down-3 miles to go
Whoops!! I wanted to get this picture in with the ones about Floyds winemaking. Too good a picture to merely pass over so here you go even though it is out of sequence.
Matt is starting back
Overgrown T-Bone Bike Trail near I-80
A close up of a pine cone at Floyd's place
Went to see my old friend Floyd Pearce who we discovered has added winemaking to his numerous other pursuits. He is pictured here with grape, peach and rhubarb wines in the works.
Rolling Hills of Southwest Iowa
On Lake Anita- Butch's co-worker Marty Mills used to call it Lake of No Bites.

Sunday, August 13

Butch didn't golf so well. Decided maybe it was too soon after his biopsy procedure and I must say I agree with him. Sherri and I biked twice around the lake. That translates to a little over 8 miles. We saw lots of deer in many different locations. There is one hill I do not feel up to so I walk it. Sherri was able to make it and waited for me at the top. Friends Sherri and Randy went to Fort Dodge this weekend and on the way home came through Jefferson IA to specifically stop at the A & W Drive-In. They called to tell me it has been closed!!! What a tragedy!!! This will disappoint many people. Till next time...