Friday, April 9

Thursday, April 8

Shipyard walk

H.E.B. has boats of their own it seems. We were surprised to see these in the port.

Seaside Cats at work

Got Bait??

Ready for its new name..

Last night's supper

Here are the fried oysters I enjoyed for supper last night and Butch did hold to his word and took ONE bite. He said he gagged and could hardly get it down. They were delicious as oysters go. I do prefer either shrimp or catfish myself but I also enjoyed the oysters.

Butch enjoyed his old standby.

Wednesday, April 7

Palacios TX 2010

Our favorite restaurant in Palacios


The boys gave me a cactus for mothers day several years ago. It was small and in one of those little square throw-away pots. It has grown tremendously and has changed pots at least 3 times. Not long ago I noticed these odd looking knobs on the top of it and I assumed it was part of the cactus. I still assume so and I have hopes it is about to bloom. So here are the latest photos of it and I will give you more as we progress.


I added a new search feature to this blog. So now if you remember a post you want to find again it should be very helpful. As much for me as you.

From Palacio Texas

We arrived in Palacio Texas yesterday afternoon. Palacio is located on the coast north of Corpus Christi and south of Houston. We didn't stop for lunch so right after we arrived we high-tailed it to our favorite restaurant here for catfish. It was just as delicious as we remembered it to be. Palacio is a fishing/boating village and one of their highly harvested items is Oysters. I told Butch if we were going to be true to his idea of always trying the local fare that we would need to eat oysters. This of course did not appeal to him but he did say that if I ordered them he would take a bite so that is on my agenda. Stay tuned for further development on this adventure for "Mr. Pickypants".
It is always a bit of a feeling of being on vacation when we leave Magnolia Park and that is even more so this year. I sit here thinking, " Hmmm...what will I do next." So today I plan to go for a long leisurely walk along the coast and perhaps get back to my Swedish weaving when I return home.
I have some pictures to get on here but I left my camera in the car. Didn't want to go out in my jammies to get it so look for them a little later.
Till next time...