Thursday, March 31


Tomorrow I call to have our Internet disconnected. So we will be without unless we can hook onto WiFi somewhere along the line. We will be leaving for the first leg of our journey about 7:30 AM Saturday morning. Tomorrow we plan to move to a site where we can hook the car up and be ready to move out at first light. May not hear from me for a few days. I know I have Internet at Carthage Mo and we plan to be there by Monday afternoon. May all our roads be smooth ones. We are already aware we have loads of help from a higher power. We have been reminded of that many times over and we always take a moment to be properly grateful.

Wednesday, March 30


Peggy mixed up some hummingbird food then put it in the freezer to cool down. Then I interrupted her to go to the Dickies Factory Outlet and she forgot about it. So the hummers were treated to a frozen hummerita on a hot day. 
Oh by the way, do not bother to go to the Dickies Factory outlet. There are no bargains there and all the clothing seems to be miss sized. I held up an XL shirt and a 10 year old would have had trouble with it. And the missed sizing was rampant throughout the store. They do have lots of medical garb (scrubs).  I didn't check the prices because I wasn't interested. I have some YMCA shirts that say "Staff" and if I wear them in public people start asking me questions. It doesn't take much anymore to look like you know something!!

We will be leaving in a couple of days- heading north. So we are slowly getting the odds and ends of moving ready. Most of our yard art is put away. The plants are a last minute thing as are the bicycles, tire covers, new satellite dish and  hitches. We went to get grapefruit but the season is over so sorry, we will not be having any on board.

Few Pics from Mexico trip

Bridge approach into Mexico

Rio Grande

Tortilla Factory

We had Panchos with chicken. $8.00 but it is enough for both of us for lunch

Border crossing back into the USA

Sunday, March 27

Mind Meanderings

The park has such a different feel at seasons end. There is an echo in the streets much like a deserted town. A very different feel indeed. The hustle and bustle of all the activities is suddenly quiet. You may have to look a bit before finding someone to engage in conversation. This season like others passed in a heartbeat. When I was in my 50's a woman of more years told me the older you get the faster it goes. I knew even then the ring of truth in what she said.
I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that those "Converted" Texans we leave behind are not all that unhappy about the sudden quiet. I know in their shoes I wouldn't be. We are all getting older and I am sure I could not keep up the frantic pace of the three busiest months here. So we all get on with the next phase of our year. The converted Texans have a summer of peace and look forward to the next busy season and we winter Texans leave sunny South Texas and go on to different adventures knowing that fall will soon be here and we will start all over again...if we are lucky

And we all think of each other as we go on about our lives. We want to keep our ties to our Magnolia family and know what is happening with each and every one. And we look forward to reconnecting with those friends and family we left last fall. It is always a bittersweet kind of thing.
Butch and I usually feel like we are on 'Vacation' when we pull out in our happy little home.
New adventures here we come!!! BUT we will be thinking about all of our friends too that we will not see now till November. Looking forward...looking back...but living in the now.