Saturday, June 20


Moose at Rocky Mountain National Park last Wednesday.

Thursday, June 18

Boulder Dinner Theater

A group of volunteers went to the Boulder Dinner Theater to see "Annie". Both the performance and the food were fantastic. Butch was not in the picture because he was nowhere to be found at the time. He did show up a few minutes later. The Y takes us to the show and pays for our dessert. A bargain no matter how you look at it. We did not return to SMR until midnight so I am very draggy today.

Wednesday, June 17

Dandy Dandelion

The dandelions are huge and abundant up here. I think they have a bad rep.

Monday, June 15

Rainbow Pictures

Tonight we enjoyed a beautiful full rainbow.

Also Butch went to take down the hummingbird feeders before dark. He didn't have the heart as every feeder was full and some were sharing outlets! Something I have never seen before! There were 4 feeders with six and eight outlets on each one.