Thursday, December 29

Eventful morning.

You will have to go see the other blog ( ) to see the full story but it has been a busy one. Laundry, cleaning, a walk, the hawk and who knows what all! Spring has arrived. Birds are building nests and I hope to get some good pictures of this later. A grackle is building a nest in Donn and Peggy's tree in front of their house across the street from us. It gives me a very good view of the tree and the nest.  Fall, winter and spring seem to all blend together here. Some of the trees are losing their leaves. The releafing will begin in late January and February.

Butch is off to another park playing pool this afternoon and I am working on decluttering the house. It reaches a certain level and then simply must be tackled. Today is the day!!

Several more Elise videos

I do not feel one bit guilty putting all these Elise videos on here. If you aren't into baby videos or if your connection is such that it takes forever for them to load they are easily skipped over. Butch and I are so lucky we can keep up with her progress through the videos.

Elise and her Santa gifts videos

I assure you Elise got way too many gifts for Christmas. The videos are from when she opened just one of her favorites from Santa:

Tuesday, December 27

Every now and then...

Something special comes my way. This brought the tears...

Elise Videos

Elise wants to draw:

Elise with Candy canes:

Elise is Ornery:


All it takes is a bit of sun to turn everything around down here. Today there are people in the pool and the sun is shining brightly, windows and doors are wide open. People are out and about and all returns to normal. Amazing what a little sun can do. We have had a period of very cloudy, dark, damp, drizzly weather so we all feel we deserve this respite.
Butch is getting a double dose of golf today. It was park golf day this morning and he is going back with Jim Rader for a second round this afternoon. They had to bring the wimps back home before they could continue playing. Butch shot a 32 this morning on nine holes. That perked him up a bit.
Christmas Dinner was very nicely done again this year. It always amazes me how people step up and get things done when they see the need. 
The years end is but a few days away. It happens so fast! I am sure that 7 year-olds would argue that fact but this near 70 year old thinks they are whizzing by.
Our friends Donn and Peggy went for Christmas eve services to their church down here in Alamo TX. As the church emptied after services the pastor was standing at the door saying "Feliz Navidad" to all who were leaving. Donn answered him with "Gesundheit"! Before you think that is inappropriate I might remind you that Gesundheit means God bless you and thus it was entirely appropriate. The pastor saw the humor and got a chuckle out of it.
I thought it was more than a little clever. So to all of you I say Gesundheit!!