Saturday, July 22

Myrla and her baby Hewy

Friday, July 21

Myrla's 7 month old puppy Hewy places his paw in her hand.

Wednesday, July 19

Wal Mart has a decorator Pillow that stands up well to Swedish Weaving. This is the front side.

This is the back side. I kept it simple.

Tuesday, July 18

Queen Anne's Lace- I have been on the trail these hot days but as early in the morning as possible. I ride if I can but if the wind is too strong I choose to walk instead. I get more pictures when walking.
Plums-not yet ripe- the trail is a natural garden with many fruits.
Grapes to be...Less than one mile south of Yale on the trail
Iowa = Corn & Beans

Monday, July 17

A natural arrangement
Clear Cool Water
This morning on the bike trail south of Yale.
This used to be our house.
Last Friday Night on Lake Panorama