Thursday, September 26

Dead Pixel Phone

I had to do a search to see how old the dead pixel phone is and it is 3 years old, almost exactly. I thought it was older than that but the "Oh well, it is what it is, comes to mind." It is dead and that is the bottom line. A new one has been ordered and I hope it gets here soon. They tell me it will be here between September 27th and 30th. Yikes! So I guess calling Butch's phone is your best bet if you need to get in touch with us or there is always email. There is never a good time for this to happen but better now than when we are en route to Texas.
An added note; I have been through all the tech support on the old phone. I have tried all the tricks to wake it up and none of them have worked. Now I am weighing the options of getting insurance on the new one. Is it worth $5 a month to have it insured? Hmmmm.

Tuesday, September 24

Gordon's in Mexico

Our longtime friends Donn and Peggy Gordon spent some time in Mexico and one of their fun activities was helping the baby turtles get to the ocean.

After their fun with turtles, they went back to their accommodations and watched the moon. Quite the life, wouldn't you say?

For a family full of readers

I saw this and it hit home as well as making all the avid readers in our family come to mind.

Sunday, September 22


Butch and I went to Devon's homecoming parade in Ogden IA last Friday. I was remembering how the weather was a year ago. There was a cold north wind and we were trying to get sheltered by a building while still being able to see the parade. This year was very opposite; everyone was looking for a patch of shade. I did see a forecast that promised a warmer than normal fall for the entire country. That would be different.

 Sometimes it is all about the car!

Our boy Devon is in the center with the visor

And speaking of homecoming, we experience it twice a year. We come home in the Spring and then we go home in the fall and honestly that is how it feels both times. Last year at this time we moved into the motorhome early because we didn't want to winterize it and the temps were getting low enough to be a worry. We still plan to move into it well before we go but so far we are not feeling pushed into it by the weather. We are less than a month from takeoff and it hardly seems possible.

After the parade, Butch and I went to Boone taking the old 30 highway. It is always a nostalgic trip for me because as a youngster Mom, Dad and we three kids, Theresa wasn't born yet, would go to Boone to the Drive-in theater. And this was the road we took because New 30 was not yet in existence. It is a beautiful drive.