Friday, January 13

Beading group

A group of us gather on Wednesday afternoon at Charlotte's house for a beading session. We share ideas and learn new techniques etc. This past week we had a guest, Jan Foster from Llano Grande Park. Jan and I learned to bead together in Michigan and it is so much fun getting together again. I think and hope Jan plans to join us every week.
If Joy from Thunder Bay Golf and RV Resort in Michigan reads this she is sure to be jealous. But Joy we do think of you often and the fun we had in the summer of 2010.
Jan is beading. Love her battery operated Ott light

Wednesday, January 11

Elise's new hairdo

Isn't she just the cutest little thing with her new hairdo?!! I just love it!!! And it looks like she does too.

Monday, January 9

Christmas pics of Elise

These are some good pictures Grandpa Gary and will stand the test of time.

Sunday, January 8

Friday Last and then

We went to supper at the El Dorado in Weslaco and enjoyed a meal with friends Ted and Jan Foster who we met at Thunder Bay Golf Resort in Michigan last year (2010). The meal  and the company  were excellent. We had lots of catching up to do. We stayed at the restaurant for two hours and still were not all caught up. Ted and Jan are mostly fulltimers too. I think Ted has plans to play every golf course in the nation and he has a good start! Jan and I learned to bead together and we are both still at it. You can find their website by looking to the left on this page for RockyTopRamblers and clicking on it.
The days are starting to run together so I have to stop a minute to remember what we did on Saturday. Oh yes, it was garage sale day here in the park. I was not involved this time but my friends Peggy and Kay were and I know how boring it can get staying there till noon so I stayed longer than I normally would to visit with them.
Butch played golf in the afternoon and I just kicked around.
This morning Butch and I went to Martha's for breakfast and were a bit disappointed with the meal but then there are so many good choices to make down here it could be that we were being a bit fussy. Returned to the park and went for a walk. And now Butch is reading the Kindle and I am getting caught up on computer work.
Till next time...