Saturday, March 26

Kelley's Headed Home

Marlene and Bernard are headed home Sunday so we went to Harlingen for one last visit. Played cribbage and a card game called 7's. 7's is an easy game whereby you can visit and play at the same time.
We ate at the Golden Corral and I overdid it for the first time in a long time but everything was very delicious.
We have enjoyed our time with Marlene and Bernard so much. They were only here for a month but we packed a lot into that month.

We came home late afternoon and the traffic was not too bad. I have heard there were 120,000 less people in the valley this past season. We knew attendance in the valley was down but did not realize to that extent. It sure did not seem like it when on the expressway headed for McAllen in January or February.
We will soon be on the road too come next Wednesday. See you all soon!

Thursday, March 24

Prep time

It is the time we start wrapping up our preparations for transitioning back to Iowa.
A few weeks ago I had my implants cleaned. They explained to me that it is very difficult to get the bits out of the pockets around the implants and that there is a laser process that is beneficial. It seems that the laser detects dark but leaves light bits alone and the bad bits are dark. So Tuesday we went to a specialist in McAllen who has a laser. I think it will be helpful and I am glad it is over. It was not painful at all but the ordeal of waiting 2 hours past your appointment time is the 'glad it is over' part of it. I should not need this done again now for 2-3 years. Smileycons!
The worst part of it was the topical numbing agent. It took nearly 30 minutes for feeling to return. However, we planned to eat at the El Dorado in Alamo so by the time we were there I was back to normal. One of the few times that traffic was a benefit.
Butch had a hamburger steak dinner and I had a taco salad with fajita chicken. We have not eaten out much this season so it was a real treat and tasted fantastic.

Wednesday, Yolanda gave me my last South Texas haircut. So that is all taken care of till November.
And that brings me to today. Our neighbors to the north, Jay and Joyce Kelly pulled out this morning. We are kind of a tight fit in our spots and despite the fact that Jay knows what he is doing and Joyce is a careful observer we have a hard time watching them leave so we went out for breakfast. When we returned they were merrily on their way to Nebraska.
That brings you up to date with me remembering 3 days worth and that is an accomplishment as you can imagine.
Here is a picture taken of Peggy's rose. It used to be Jo's rose in the past. It is a proficient bloomer.

Little Red Riding Hood

Miss Elise

 Chloe the piglet and Elise as Red Riding Hood are cousins and classmates.
This was a skit performed by the kindergarten class. Miss Elise had a speaking part.