Friday, April 19

Getting ready to roll

We are doing all the prep things one does before getting on the road after 6 months in one spot. We are always careful to calculate when we buy anything on where we will put it for the trip back to Iowa. Over the years that one thought has kept me from buying many things and as I write this I cannot remember even one of those precious things I turned my back on. We both love living a pared-down life.
My thoughts have also been dwelling on our friends Pecan Bill and Kay. He is in the hospital and has been several times this season. We have been friends for a very long time and after many conversations, we have found numerous parallels in our lives so when one of us is struggling all of us are to some degree. I include Donn and Peggy in that computation as well. They are probably getting home in Nevada today and I am sure their thoughts are on the Stilson's as well.

We just made the decision to alter our route a bit and by-pass going through Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Our overnight stays will be the same. We may live to regret it but we decided to be up for the adventure. We used to be good at that! Our change will be going from Marietta OK to Big Cabin OK via highways 32, 70, 75 and 69.

Internet will be spotty until we get to Missouri so keep that in mind...

Tuesday, April 16

Last nights photos

The Moon

A neighbors lights

A tropical evening


Butch and I ran errands yesterday in preparation for departure next weekend. Our first stop was Best Buy and for those who know me well they will be saying, "You have got to be kidding!!!".  Best Buy happened to be the only and cheapest place I could buy a sim card I was looking for Butch's Asus tablet. It is a Google Fi data only sim card. I could buy it there for $10 and if I purchased it online it would be $15. Now it is a long story why I want it and I may get into that later. Bottom line is they did have a Google Fi sim card but not a DATA ONLY one and that is important. To shorten a long story, with a Google Fi data only sim card Butch can access the internet on his Asus tablet at no cost. I will be purchasing it online and pay the extra because Best Buy did not have it despite the fact that everything I searched on the Internet said they would.
And then we stopped at the bank to pick up some cash for our trip. And then we did a Costco run for known and loved Costco items including a gas fill up. One last stop at H-E-B and then home for a bit. Then Butch made his last visit to the Massage College to lessen a few aches and pains.

I did pick up a bad headache and in hindsight, I think it was due to a couple of times while on our errands we ran into extremely strong gasoline odors. The headache was in the same familiar area experienced before surgery. So I called the sinus people to talk to them. They assured me it was most likely I was not completely healed yet and that is probably true. A couple of sinus rinsing sessions took care of it.
Today Butch and I plan to work our way through the MoHo to make sure everything is secure for the jostling things will endure on the ride home. I put foam pads between my dishes and cloth between my pans so they do not rub off the surface in places. I get complacent about these things when we are in one place too long but experience helps in zipping through these chores. So till next time...

Computer info

I found this article interesting and thought my computer savvy friends might as well. I used Edge as a browser when my computer was new for about 10 minutes just to see what it was like and that was sufficient to know that it was insufficient. Apparently, Microsoft came to that conclusion as well probably when new computer buyers did not choose it as their default browser.
So Microsoft has made a change and now their browser will be more like Chrome. That is what the article is about. I might download the Del version because it can be beneficial to have more than one browser, however, since I also have Firefox I may not.

By the way, the site above is very trustworthy and one I have used for nearly all of my computing years.

Sunday, April 14

Can you tell...

the difference in the way I feel? I thought you might.

After the Masters was finished Butch and I took a ride around the park.

And we stopped at the pool hall. Liz is a good pool shooter.

And so is Dave.

 And this is Gwen. Donna and Sally are standing in the background.

And then we stopped by Liz's investment to see the progress on her house.

Yesterday's News

Very little to nothing happens at our house on The Master's weekend. Golf for those of you who do not partake of the game.  Our decision on our departure date (April 21st) was dictated by the Masters' tournament.
Yesterday the tournament started at 12:30 so in the morning we went to the fruit market, Magnolia Village, and H-E-B in Weslaco. Touched base with our Magnolia friends who are still in the park. At the fruit market, I bought a watermelon, pineapple, jicama, and fat carrots. I picked out a watermelon($5) that I could tell was ripe but the guy told me it was too ripe and so he picked another one. I am sure he was right and the one I did get is delicious. The pineapples($3) are perfectly ripe and he peels and cores them on the spot. I bought 3 small bags of fat carrots at $1 per bag. I didn't get a bunch this year because I do not have room. I may still load up on 1015 onions. They are the sweet onions and named 1015 because they are planted on 10/15. We have regularly been buying jicama because we both like it and prefer it as our snacking veggie. We will miss it when we head north. I have seen it in the grocery stores up there but the quality is never as good. We were home by 12:30!

I saw some ritual grooming by these two doves so I snapped their picture. They look like a handsome couple.

Liz loves the rooster

 Didn't know the size but thought of Miss Elise when I saw these two dresses in El Disco.