Saturday, June 19

Butch mowing

Mowing the green on number three.

This shot may end up in my favorites of 2010. 

Friday, June 18

Elise at 4 weeks

That personality is really starting to shine!!

These warmed a Great Grams heart!!!

Raccoon River Valley Trail

I was browsing for Michigan trails and clicked on Iowa. Became a bit nostalgic and decided to share this link with you. It is a wonderful trail and one of the reasons we are looking at Jefferson Iowa as a place to settle in a much as we settle in anywhere.

I have been on my walk already today. I didn't take my camera and I regret that nearly every time. I always seem to run across something that catches my eye. Today it was the ferns that grow abundantly here. They make a natural wreath surrounding the base of many evergreens and when the light hits them just right it is extremely beautiful as the lighter green of the delicate ferns contrasts with the darker color of the evergreens. A missed opportunity because even though you think you can capture that shot later it is never exactly the same. Each moment in time is as unique as our fingerprints.
Not taken this morning but beautiful all the same.

Thursday, June 17

A busy two days

As I get older the time just picks up speed! And it seems like it takes me more and more time to get things done!
I have been working like crazy the last two days and virtually none of it shows. Look at to see what I just finished. And there was much more around that little snippet than you see.
Hole number 3 through the treesThis is a shade garden made up of plants that do well in the shade.

I did get my walk in this morning and took a few pictures.

Flower garden near the number 4 tee box

Wednesday, June 16

Butch's Troubles

Butch is golfing in a fine drizzle. It rained last Wednesday morning and so the seniors were unable to play. So here we are again and it rained most of the night and now there is a fine drizzle. He just teed off with his group on hole number 4. He has his rain gear on. It was beautiful yesterday and probably will be tomorrow. That is how it is with outdoor addictions. Accepting what is can be a challenge. I sound so sympathetic. Smileycons!
And now about our yesterday. Butch went with me on our morning walk and then later we went into town for lunch at Lickety Split. It is an ice cream shop that also sells meals. Light meals mostly. But Marsha did say that if you do not see what you want on the menu ask me and I probably can get it for you. We both had breakfast as they serve breakfast any time of the day. Butch had biscuits and gravy which he gave high praise. And I asked for one scrambled egg, one pancake and one sausage patty. At a restaurant in Jefferson Iowa (Uptown Cafe) they call that a one on one and it is a favorite of mine. Marsha was right she was able to do that for me. And it was very good, especially the pancake. The outside was real crispy like mom used to make.
We then went to Alpena on a fact finding mission and grocery shopping. First we went to the Alpena visitors center and picked up info about local attractions but especially about bike trails. I had looked on the Internet but I wanted in-hand maps and it was the best place to get them.
Then we came back to the RV park at Thunder Bay Resort, a top notch park by the way, and out current home.

Tuesday, June 15

Our Monday

Butch and I put in some serious time yesterday tackling the cobwebs on the decks of the suites. We also painted the inside of the globes on all the lights a nice yellow color in hopes of discouraging the bugs. This little chore on just one of three buildings took us 5 hours. It wasn't difficult, just time consuming.
I finally got around to checking out the website of one of our fellow workkamping couples. Howard and Linda Payne. And all I can say is WOW. They are young, much younger than I thought. The older I get the worse I am at judging age of others. These two were born the same year as Jason , our youngest. What they do and how they do it is on their website and it is one of the best put-together websites I have seen on the subject of RVing and the full-timing lifestyle. Their line of thinking and ours coincides despite the 20 year age difference. As you can tell I was impressed. You can find their website at I encourage you to look it over pretty thoroughly. Linda makes and sells jewelry so all you jewelry lovers will want to check that section out.
After we wiped out as many spiders as possible, we came home and put our feet up for a bit. We had chicken for supper and I used a trick of Kay Stilsons. She does an egg coating and then rolls the chicken breasts in crushed French-fried onion rings. You know the ones you buy in a can. Fried them in a bit of canola oil. They were very, very good. Butch loved them! We have been eating at home more than we do when we are anywhere else. I am not that crazy about cooking but it is cheaper and healthier and I hope to continue the trend.
This place is well set up for walking. Their are several routes one can take where the roads are less traveled. I had Butch drive the two routes I have been using to find out mileage and one is .9 tenths of a mile and the other is 1.6. Two great choices.

Sunday, June 13

Elise's Day with Gram and Gramps

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Chet's Habit

Last night we had some free entertainment (donation) and I thought they were pretty good. When we were trying to promote the event we looked for some info on the Internet for this group and there was none . At least we could not find any.
So now there least a little bit.