Saturday, March 26

Smile! Happy Easter Everyone!!
When you have been in the south long enough for 60 degrees to mean a severe cold front has went through 40 degrees seems downright frigid. We have decided to stay in the valley awhile longer and then we have a few minor things to get taken care of on the motorhome in Carthage MO. So we plan to leave here about the 15th of April and stop in Carthage for a short time and then to the Atlantic Iowa area to get our annual med stuff in order. It is a question mark from then on...but then that has been how we have lived so far so why change now!

Wednesday, March 23

Gus- the canine son of Marge & Dave Scott

Tuesday, March 22

Butch was gone for a week skiing with Gary, Jason and others. I was quite busy every day so the time went quick. At any rate he is back in the warm Rio Grande Valley and we have made the decision to sit tight for awhile to see what happens to fuel prices. It is so nice to have the freedom to make that decision. Today we toured an Aloe Vera farm. Learned lots of new stuff about Aloe Vera. I would recommend the tour to all.