Friday, May 12

We purchased and installed a drawer for the basement. Some higher end motorhomes come with them but us po'folk have to buy our own. They are pricey but we can make much better use of our storage this way.

Thursday, May 11

See Ya Down The Road

There is an enormous amount of info on this site for anyone considering the full timing lifestyle or even those who are merely curious how we 'git er dun'. They pretty much do everything we do with similar equipment.
See ya down the road

Monday, May 8

Our is a very fine house.
Friend Peggy's grandson Austin
Sister Myrla's new baby

Sunday, May 7

We are in Peculiar MO once again and paid up for two weeks. Butch is hooking up as I write this. From here we will be headed to SW Iowa to get caught up on our annual doctor stuff. Butch and I each take one prescription medication so we must get re-upped for the next year. And Dr. Berry will look us over and proclaim us "Good to Go" for the year.