Saturday, June 3

Getting back in the groove

Keri and I walked this morning. We did our usual 2+ miles and I am happy to say it was pain-free. Tomorrow we will be riding the bikes!!

We have lined up our friend Russ to put cement siding on our garage and then we have Eldon Cunningham set to do our painting. Butch hates painting and I hate having him on a ladder. He didn't work hard all his life to retire and then fall off a ladder and lose any of his functions!

                               Our patriotic neighbor Bill

Our redheaded neighbor

Our friend the BlueJay taking a bath.

And a Cardinal

All of the bird shots taken within the last hour from where I am sitting.

Friday, June 2

They are ground feeders now!

                                                  3 squirrels      

Easy Rider

Today I took my first bike ride of the season. My back has been giving me issues so I decided to trade off and see if biking felt better. It sure did not at first but soon I felt the old arthritic joints loosening up and about 1.5 miles out I was feeling absolutely euphoric! I love to ride. And especially on the trail. You do not have to deal with traffic, at least not the motorized kind. A bit of traffic when I leave home and one rural road to cross before the raccoon river bridge and that sums up the interference. I came home all energized and potted a few plants.

                                            Swirls and eddies.

Wednesday, May 31

Photos this past week

Pretty little house finch

 See the squirrel on the tree trunk? So far, so good! They have as yet not found a way to get to the feeder.

Taken on Memorial Day after a very light rain shower.

On the trail picture, Taken today

Sunday, May 28

Pete and Jerilynn throw a party

 Dugan and Sharon have arrived
A gift in their flower garden

 Mingling and chatting

We had to keep on the move to keep from being buzzard supper.
They were having a high old time riding the thermals.

Today's Best Bird pics

So far, so good with squelching the squirrels. We have seen an upturn in bird numbers and varieties.

Cemetery Photos

Jefferson Cemetery

                                     Jefferson Catholic Cemetery