Saturday, September 17

Give me a break!!

I am not going back to see where I left off so this might be a repeat of what I have already said. The fine folk at Webster City RV fixed the furnace in short order and then spent 4-5 hours hashing over the new washer deal last Tuesday. We were scheduled to go back up Friday to get a new washer- which we did. I knew it would take awhile so I took my beading and my purse to the waiting area. I thought if I tired of beading I could balance my checkbook. We came home in the early afternoon. Butch started on some construction and I dusted and vacuumed. At 5:00 the phone rang and it was Webster City RV telling me I had left my purse up there!!! Damn, damn and double damn!! There was nothing for it but to go right back and get it. They said they would be there a couple more hours. I called Jason to see if they would be home as it is on the way. Jason and Laura decided to ride with us. It sure made the trip go much faster having good company to visit with. After retrieving my purse we went to a local restaurant recommended by the guys who guarded my purse. The Grid Iron in Webster City Iowa. A very good choice.
It is no mystery to me why the little old ladies in nursing homes can be seen in their wheelchairs tightly clutching their purses in their lap. I understand completely.

Wednesday, September 14

Hewy and Peaches Videos

Video's of Myrla working with Hewy and Peaches. They were not in the mood to cooperate.

Early Tuesday

Early Tuesday morning we were on the road to Webster City RV. It seems when they hooked up the new air conditioner something was overlooked with the furnace because on a chilly morning last week we decided to run it and it would not go. It didn't even show up on the thermostat. It was fixed in short order but Butch decided to ask them about our washer. It has made an awful sound for quite some time. Our warranty runs out next month and another extension on it is way up there in dollars. Like $3400 for a year. So we are not going to extend it. Well, after diagnosing, discussion and wrangling with the extended warranty folks they will pay part of the cost of a new one so we are progressing with that and will be headed back to Webster City RV on Friday morning for a new washer. Geez, I sure hope that is the end of it!! I am sure Route 66 warranty people do as well.
We came home about 4:00 PM and it felt really good to be here.
By the way, Keri ( I know she reads this every day) The folks at the fair would like the recipe for Crockpot Pizza that you so kindly sent with me. It was delicious! And the Pecan Pie was a died-and-gone-to-heaven experience. Keri's stove suffered a malfunction while we were gone and Butch is headed out there this morning to see what ails it. We do not want Keri without a stove!

Post Fair on Monday

We stopped in Rockwell City to visit my sister Myrla and her husband Scott partly because we hadn't seen them in a very long time and partly because we had an appointment with Webster City RV and Rockwell City is straight west of Webster City about 40 miles. We had a great visit with Myrla and Scott and their "children" Hewy and Peaches.

 Butch played pool with Myrla all afternoon. 
Rockwell City has a city RV Park with full hook ups and that is where we parked the motorhome. Then we walked to and from our house to theirs through the woods and city park. I took this picture on the way.

Monday, September 12

At the Fair- Part 3

They use horses and ATV's to park cars at the fair.

Kids and Lambs

 At Grandpa's Barn - One of the highlights for me at the fair. Be sure and let me know your favorite fair pictures.

Goats at Grandpa's Barn

I did not know I was getting a 'grinning calf'. It reminds me of the dog commercial about dentures for dogs.

Butch getting a kitty fix.

This pair loved to climb on the big equipment. The bigger the better.

"Come on up, Sis. This one is a two seater", He hollered at his sister.

The horse arena.

After the fair we went to Terril Iowa and the farm home of Butch's sister Marlene and bro-in law Bernard Kelley. This is Bernard's Resting Chair. Do you see him resting? Neither do I.

We went to visit Dan and Sara. They have some giant watermelons but I did not have my camera. You would think I would learn by now. When we returned we had some heated cribbage games. I do not remember who won or lost...ahem.  And this was followed by a scrumptious feast of all homegrown items. Steak, Tomato Spoon Salad, Green beans with bacon and onion, Newly dug potatoes , skillet fried and probably more that is not coming to mind at the minute.
Right now we are sitting at a campground in Rockwell City. Butch is washing the motorhome and when he finishes we will walk over to Myrla and Scott's place. More later.

At the Fair-Part two

We were pretty busy at the Fair so we didn't get much computer time and after the campground filled up the Internet would go wonky frequently. I did get some pictures though. I love taking pictures at the fair. Norma and I had entries in the fair and we both did well. She got a first place on her painting and a couple of firsts on her photo entries. I had only photo entries this year and I got a couple of first places too.
Dale C. reading the morning paper. He did not have any idea I took this picture.

The Guys

Norma & Butch

Headed off to the fair

Norma's painting

                                                                Sunflower Fair entries

Corn entries

Judging of Tomatoes

Greasy Fair Food

Left too long by a tree