Saturday, February 25

Camera Pics

 A Merlin Hawk

Butch and Squeak playing through the glass.

Thursday, February 23

North Out of Texas-Simplified version

In South Texas get on Hwy 281 north.
Hwy 281 N to I-37 N take (exit 133) and get on I-410 N
I 410N to I 35N
I 35 N to Hwy 46W (exit 190)
Hwy 46 to Hwy 281N
Follow 281 N to a few miles south of Jacksboro TX (380)
Take 380 east to Hwy 51- Turn left (north)
Follow Hwy 51N to Gainesville and I 35 N.

The main purpose of these directions is the avoidance of the Austin to Waco section of I 35. If you do it once, especially in an RV you will have a firm understanding of why you need to avoid this section.

Our route home-mostly

I am frequently asked about our route from Iowa to South Texas or South Texas to Iowa. We mix it up usually, sometimes a lot and other times a little here and there. But this is the route we would take if we were making a straight run with out any friends or family visits along the way. This is what we have found to be the best for traffic and the most avoidance of major cities, particularly the stint between Dallas and San Antonio. From Waco to Austin on I 35 is particularly challenging in a motorhome and the years do not seem to make it better.

Here is the link:

Wednesday, February 22

Camera experimentation

Keep in mind that all of these photos were done as an experiment on my part in the process of becoming acquainted with my new camera. Many of these were taken as I sat in my easy chair inside the motorhome through the unscreened side of my window next to my computer. Most of the birds were in a tree across the street at Donn and Peggy's place.



Golden-fronted Woodpecker



Black bird