Saturday, March 11

Mayo cake

I have enjoyed this cake before and it is yummy!! Also, if the print is too small you can click on the image to enlarge it.

Friday, March 10

Slower pace

People are beginning to return to their northern homes. We have made a few moves in that direction. We do have to make plans. I have set the date for mail delivery to stop here. March 22nd. I will need to call Jefferson and have it held at the post office till we get there. I do have a ToDo list and keep it from year to year tweaking it here and there. I use an app called ToDo in Chrome to do this.

I enjoy the slowdown when people start leaving. Traffic is lighter. Grocery aisles see less traffic as well. Fewer park events. More like being on vacation and less like fast paced living.
We have had some heavy rain events the past few days and a few more are promised. It hasn't stopped too much activity just yet but I am ready for sun filled days to return leaving the local weathermen twiddling their thumbs.

Tuesday, March 7

Padre Island on my Birthday!

Yesterday we met up with Marlene and Bernard and went to the Island, South Padre Island, where the seafood is fresh and Spring break has started. It was still easy to get around so it isn't in full swing just yet.
This is the pirate ship moored at Pirate's Landing where we stopped for lunch. I had a Shrimp P' Boy and coleslaw. Delicious! 

 Bernard and Marlene looking good!

The yellow-headed parrot was grooming the blue and white one. They did appear to be best buddies.

 It was high tide.


 A one footed sea gull. It did seem to be doing alright despite the loss of his left foot.

 Bernard and Spring breaker guys.
 Marlene and Butch
If they had not been looking down they may have known I was taking their picture.

Beach patrol. It was a hazy day