Thursday, September 25

This mornings sunrise

Been stuck on sunrises of late because they have all been so pretty and we have had so much rain this summer that a sunny morning has been somewhat of a rare treat. It may be a bit hard to see but the orange pumpkin is what caught my eye in this shot. The sky, corn and pumpkin combo caught my attention.

Build a crane

This is for all those grandpas out there who are handy. I love this idea and decided to put it out there for those of you who might like to take on this project.

Wednesday, September 24

Still doing the same stuff

...only different.Colleen took a trip to Minnesota with a friend so I was on my own for awhile. I ride more than walk when alone. This was taken on the bridge last Monday.

Tuesday morning Colleen was back and we were greeted with a beautiful sky- full of pinks and yellows.

And the depot had a backdrop that reminded me of a painting.
The walks have been a little crisper than we like but we have been giving it a go...until this morning when we were rained out. The promise is for great weather ahead so we will be back at it tomorrow.

Butch and I have made tentative plans for the trip south with a stop planned at Canyon Lake TX where our friends Lou and Gary stay. Walnut Canyon RV Park at Canyon Lake. It is a different park than we usually stay in but I am sure it will suit our needs quite well.

Butch's brother Leo had some work done on his rotator cuff Monday so Butch was on nursing duty yesterday. They both seem to be getting along quite well. Butch is looking at that kind of surgery and a carpal tunnel one as well  but the doctors have agreed he should wait till the situations worsen before they proceed. His carpal tunnel has improved a great deal after injections and wearing braces on his wrists at night. It isn't easy getting old but it sure beats the alternative.

I am back at beading but dropped back to doing rings. They can be done in an evening, the variety is infinite and it meets my instant gratification needs. I have a couple made in school colors for Susan and Amanda and we will be heading that way in a week or so for a visit.
My other hobby being computers and Chrome is going strong and I add new people every now and then. So that is fun for me too. It has been a new challenge as the Chrome system and the apps grow regularly.
So this ought to hold you for a bit...

Monday, September 22

Waiting for warm up.

I fully planned to hop on my bike this morning and get on the trail but being the hothouse flower that I am 44 degrees isn't biking weather. I think it will be more pleasant later in the day. Now we will see if I am more pleasant later in the day.

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Received an email from Tom and Wanda Burnell yesterday. We met and worked with Tom and Wanda when we were in Michigan and Thunder Bay Golf and RV Resort in 2010. How do I remember the year you ask? It was the year we bought the house here in Jefferson.
We had a good time with Tom and Wanda visiting sites in the Hillman Michigan area. Toured Mackinac Island with them. Greatly enjoyed their company. That is one of the wonderful parts of full time RVing. We have friends all over the country.
Tom and Wanda are currently in Maine and will soon be heading to Matagorda Texas and around the first of the year they hope to be in the San Antonio area. We hope to connect with them next Spring when we venture north out of the Rio Grande Valley. It was great hearing from them as it spawned a flood of memories about our time in Michigan.

Fall and Spring are antsy pants times when our thoughts turn to being on the move. All of us who travel by RV call it "Hitch Itch" where it is time to attach the vehicle and take off for parts unknown. We are starting to itch.

Day at the Farm

Susan went to the farm with the grands for her birthday. Elise can really get that leg up.

Little Leo is feeding a goat. He looks very capable. Remember this little guy is only 17 months old. It boggles my mind!!

Susan, otherwise known as Nana with Elise and Leo. Happy Birthday Susan!

Sunday, September 21

Sunday Ride

Keri and I bopped down to Cooper on our bikes. Not to bad a trip...8 miles...a little crisp but then we had to return to Jefferson. 15-20 mph winds out of the NNW. No fun at all!!! It makes you feel as though you have not been on a bike in years. That 8 mile return felt like far longer. Very glad to see the depot and home and a cup of hot coffee. We did enjoy our visit when we could find enough lung power and leg power to talk....I think I have made it sound much worse than it actually was but writers can do that!
On Saturday afternoon I did about 3-4 hours of work on the front flower garden. Now Colleen has told me we should leave our gardens alone in the fall because it provides food for the birds throughout a long cold winter but I do remember the work I put in on this garden this Spring after just walking away from it in the fall of 2013. I wanted just a bit of a head start in the Spring of 2015. So the sore muscles from gardening most likely acerbated the pain from the bike ride. Ya, think?? A whole new way of paying it forward.

Elise caught a fish!

Elise caught a fish! Love the sceptical look on her face. Not sure fishing will be a passion.