Saturday, November 5

Latest Pics

Taken from my computer window at 6:00 AM this morning.

The office is UP the hill, behind the trees. We have been making 4 trips per day minimum Up the hill.

This is taken from about halfway down the hill. Our MOHO is marked by the arrow.

Friday, November 4

Been walking

We have tried to get some walking in every day. Butch went to play golf again so that will be his walk so I decided to walk in the park. Many parks are flat as a pancake but Coachlight is not one of them. We parked at the lowest elevation and everything is uphill from here.

I forgot to take my phone on my first trip so the MapMyWalk app tracking below is on my second session so a total of 1.22miles. Oddly enough that is close to what it is for one round in Magnolia. There is another big difference and that is hills. I thought the first trip last Monday was going to kill me but it has become easier. Today was a much better comfort level.

Carthage- Friday

Yesterday was a cloudy, fine mist of a day. We managed to get a walk in spite of it. Most of the day was spent hanging out and watching everyone leave. The park seemed about half full when we arrived but now it feels down to about a quarter. Better WiFi for the rest of us.

This is the one park we have been in that has adequate WiFi. This park is about 1/4th size of Magnolia. It is attached to an RV dealership and that most likely explains why the WiFi is top notch. I should say they would not have to extend it to the park but it sure is nice that they do.

 In the park they have 3 towers and they tell customers to sign on to the one with the strongest signal for them. They give you a password and I know it gets changed sometimes. I read a review for this park where a former customer was giving them a bad review. Management added to the review that what the complainer failed to note was that he was ejected from the park for hacking into the wifi system to stream videos directly among other things. I am certain changing the password would have been essential after this event. 
And in this park with their topnotch WiFi they warn that at times it can be slow depending on how many people are using it at any one time. If we had the same system in our park it would be virtually at a standstill in January and February. Magnolia would also need double or maybe even triple the towers for the same level of coverage. 
Butch and I have  2 phones,2 kindles,3 computers, and 1 television all connected to our personal WiFi system both in Texas and Iowa. And this is why we have our own system. I would never expect to be connected to that many devices on the parks Internet connection. I do know that it is done. Can you imagine if everyone had eight devices connected to the system? They most likely would not be using all 8 devices at the same time but even so it is a sizable load.

I did not expect to get off on this subject . It was a spontaneous occurence.

I do not know what the day holds. Maybe I will do more laundry. I am glad we are not on the road today. It is foggy. I am hoping we are blessed with good travel weather on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

Wednesday, November 2

The Powers that be

You know those times in your life when you were brought to a place and unbeknownst to you, you were meant to be there. For your own good or someone else's. Well, this time it was for our own good. I started to do laundry this morning and the washer would not work. Tried every trick in the book many times over and we both determined it was the motherboard. So here we are in Carthage MO with an RV dealer a short walk away and we have a washer problem. Butch went up there and they had a whirlpool washer with a small ding on it and we could get it for a reduced price. Getting a washer swapped out in a motorhome is no small feat but we got it done and I started my laundry much later than planned but we did do laundry today. We feel we are being watched over and guided to where we need to be when we need to be there. It has happened many, many times in our life. It feels like magic and we are so very grateful.

I have put the "map my walk " app on our new phone so we could scope out a walking route. With everything happening, we still managed a 2-mile walk today.

Butch did extra because of his walks to the RV dealership.

Tuesday, November 1

Looking back and Forward

I was looking back at the blog to see how long it had been since we had stayed here at Coachlight RV Park in Carthage and it was 2006!! So it has been 10 years since we have stayed here. And yet it seems like it was many years that we did.
Also, we scoped out our routes from past years and it has also been that long since we have gone the route we plan to take this time. And there has been a bit of a change on that score too. We will be here until Monday, November 7th and then we will be staying in Antler OK RV park that night. Tuesday night we will be at RV Relay station in Franklin TX and Wednesday we will be staying in Rockport TX for one night arriving in the Rio Grande Valley on Thursday the 10th.

Butch played golf today in the wind and got his second HOLE-IN-ONE!! Once again there were no witnesses. Hole number 3 on the Carthage Golf Course. He has waited many years for a hole-in-one and now he has had two in one year.

We have taken care of a few details on the motorhome, replacing light switches and bulbs that didn't work. It always feels good to get those little long neglected things out of the way.
I am loving the new floor. So easy to take care of and I like knowing it is very clean.
Time to get supper taken care of now...til next time...

Carthage Day 2

We are in Carthage MO. It is where we bought our motorhome and we used to stop here at least once a year but now it has been at least 5. We like the area so plan to extend our stay for a week. We still plan to go to Palatios but will only overnight there. Should arrive in the Rio Grande valley on the 10th.
Like this park because...
1. Very soft water
2. Excellent WiFi
3.RV parts facilities close by and inexpensive (Colaws)
4. Still have friends here
5. Great walking places.
6. Good TV reception
7. Golf course that Butch likes

Monday, October 31

One at a time

Leo, Elise and their friends at Trunk or Treat

Reading Rapunzel to Papa Gary

 Little Leo did not like the mask. It does not work to get woke from a nap.

The girl in red is a classmate of Leo's in preschool.

This poor guy was putting up with lots of attention.


Elise is on the left. This girl has a beautiful head of hair.

Papa Gary was Mathman at his school so little Leo had to be Mathman at home.

Carthage MO 2016

We have arrived in Carthage a few minutes ago. We are parked and Butch is unhooking the car. We have not been here in years and yet it feels like home. This is where we purchased our Moho in 2004. Wifi is excellent. TV reception on antenna is great although they do have cable if we want it.

I am way behind on posts, pictures etc and hope to get caught up today and tomorrow. I have some great pics from our stay with the kids that I am anxious to share. Maybe I can share one now. Gary teaches middle school math and so for Halloween he was Math Man. He was a clever boy and is a clever man!

Sunday, October 30

Peculiar now-Carthage tomorrow

We have spent the weekend with our Missouri kids. We have so enjoyed being around the great grands. This morning I asked Leo why he did not eat his last 4 pieces of pancake. His answer- There are not 4 pieces, only 3. He is only 3 and knows his numbers and letters. Cannot get much past that boy or his sister.
Amanda called Elise to ask her where an article of clothing was that was needed for her costume. She said it is either in the dress bin or the accessories bin on the left. Such precise directions from a 6 year old. Amazing kids!

We will be heading out in the morning for Carthage and plan to spend a day or two there before starting out on the next leg.
On another note. I am loving my phone! It is a Google Pixel. Charges in 15 minutes. A charge lasts 2-3 days. I have never had a phone before that was so trouble free from the beginning. The GPS on the way down was flawless! I am looking forward to a long and loving relationship with it.

Catching up in Pictures

Thursday night was beggars night in Jefferson and this little man dressed in his Fareway employee's outfit caught my eye. Since he is sporting an apron I am guessing he works in the meat department. I think his sister is one of the Frozen sisters.

Keri sent a Pumpkin Cake Roll with us to share with our Missouri kids. It was super delicious and we are all ready for another one

Nana Susan had a hard day at work. She is always ready for a cuddle with her Grands though.

The view from my window in the Peculiar Park Place.