Thursday, February 26


Butch sleeps in. If he didn't it would really mess up my routine. I get up at 6 AM and make coffee then get on the computer. I check out the Des Moines Register, the Atlantic News Telegraph, my old YAHOO! email address that I never use anymore and then I go to igoogle which is set as my homepage and look at the headlines and the comics and last but not least I go to the blogs and post stuff. I forgot email...I do check and answer the stuff that requires one.
About 8 or 8:30 Butch gets up and I mess up his routine because he would like to get on the computer and do the jigzone puzzle and then spider solitaire but by then I am ready to go for the first of my required walks.
Last night I had fun setting up someones new computer. I like doing that for some odd reason. I know this gal fairly well and know what she uses and what she likes to do with her computer. It seems it is always easy to forget some little detail and I am sure I have. I plan to get it back to her today and we will find out what I forgot.

So now that I have posted to this blog I will go to the Magnolia Park one and find something to ramble on about. Have a good one!

Wednesday, February 25

Picture taking

I have quite a time getting my picture taken. I am never happy with it. I know many people that way. I knew when this picture was taken I wasn't going to like it. The young lady taking it was standing too far away and I could tell she didn't zoom in. The background is too busy etc, etc, etc. I really do need a good picture for the directory. Perhaps I can get one sometime before next January.

Sunday, February 22


Marlene and Bernard, Bill & Jo, and Butch and I are getting together today so we could call it a mini family reunion. We plan to eat out and go to the flea market/fruit and veggie market just up the street.