Friday, June 10

This morning-Friday

Between here...

And here...

I found this-

Looking west from where I found the nickel.

 And now for the finale-TADA! Progress is being made on the motorhome floor and it is looking good!

What a week! Long post..........................

It seems it is either feast or famine for material to put on the blog so I will try starting in chronological order.
Last week our troublesome neighbor to the south, the owners not the renters, decided to get rid of their weeds. I assume at the insistence of the city. The problem being we take care of the back for them with no input on their part. The result of it is  a good portion of our yard has been sprayed with Roundup! We are not happy! This is the second time they have done this. See what I mean?
You can see the orange flag and all property of ours is left of it.

And now on to more interesting and pleasant things...

We have been enjoying our backyard visitors. We quit with the suet because the starlings were dominating. So now we are ground feeding with sunflower seeds and getting a different crowd. The Blue Jay gets a seed and then perches on the chair back and goes through quite a routine to open the seed and get the goodie. He holds the seed with his foot on the chairback and taps it open.

We still enjoy the squirrels even though they can be pushy. On the tree, in case you can't spot it.

We like the big fat carrots we get in South Texas. I wrap them in aluminum foil and they keep remarkably well. This carrot was wrapped in late March and unwrapped on Tuesday of this week. I was making tuna salad.

This photo below is on the bike trail near the bridge.

I was facing east for this shot.
It was a beautiful morning!
At the same time facing west were a line of geese.

This is my best shot of the lizard in our front flower bed.

I have been wanting to get the north side of the front door spruced up a bit and it has finally happened! The fern is happy in its new home!
  And here we have my favorite photo of the back yard feature of impatiens and the Christmas cactus
 I think we are up to Thursday!

Butch's birthday is here and he is 75 and unbeknownst to us, Leo planned a surprise birthday party! It must be the year for it!
The attendees were:
Butch and I
Leo and Keri Brooker
Gary and Susan Brooker
Jason and Laura Brooker
Rich and Donna Fetterman
Marlene and Bernard Kelley
Mickey Starr

It was held in the party room of the casino. We had a great time!!

The photos above are ones I took and below are Leo's.

 Gary, Susan, Laura, Jason, Donna and Rich.

Wednesday, June 8

Todays photos

How many times have I ridden right past this addition to the trail and not seen it? At least 7! Today as I was approaching the intersection where it is located, a truck pulling a trailer whizzed past creating a big dust cloud. So I breathed through my sweater until it abated and it gave me a chance to really look at my surroundings.

 A classmate of Butch's, Darwin Kuehl, is responsible for this fine addition to the trail.
 When I returned home, Butch and I went after more rock so I can finish my planned improvements. Last season Mickey gifted me the Tiger lilies to add some color to my front flower bed. They sure are making a good impression these days!

And this past winter, my friend Janet Rader gifted me with one of her artistic rock art endeavors. We discussed its resting place and both of us knew right where it should go. So finally it is residing in its home place.