Thursday, April 20


Okay, now you know I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing and I am sitting in front of my computer. The article below covers a problem many people have so thought I would pass it along. My advice would be number 4.
"Dear Computer Lady, 
I read your column all the time and find it helpful. I am receiving an
inordinate amount of unsolicited e-mails. 
I unsubscribe, but I still receive e-mails even after the 7-10 days
removal time. 
Can anything else be done?
Thanks, Rick
Dear Rick,
It is hard to stop the spammers once they get ahold of your email
address, and unsubscribing doesn't do much except tell the spammers
that there is a live person at your address, which makes your email
address more of a target. Let's look at what we can do about it.
1. You could set up spam filtering in your email program. You didn't
mention what program you use, so I can't give you detailed
instructions, but a good email program will include some sort of
2. You could change to a new email address. If you did that, only
people that you share your new address with will have it. If you were
to go with this method, I would be careful not to fill out online
forms with the new email address as that is probably how you got on
the spammers list in the first place.
3. You could filter your email through a provider with a great filter
already in place. I use this method. I have several email addresses
and I have Gmail get the messages from the server. The messages then
go through Gmail's spam filter and I only see real messages unless I
want to go check the spam folder, which I rarely do. Gmail even warns
me if it finds an infected message on the server.
4. This one is sort of an hybrid of the previous two options. First,
create a Gmail email address at: and then use the
account to collect your existing email address. You have to create a
Gmail account anyway in order to filter your email through it, and it
would give you time to gradually transfer all your contacts over to
the new Gmail address.


You can read this article online, view & leave comments at:

Wednesday, April 19

From Moho to House

We are in the midst of the big transfer of stuff from the MoHo to the house. The fridge is done. Once we have clothes and groceries transferred we will be done until fall when we reverse the process. It does get easier each time, especially if we slow down and take it in bits. Butch has gone after things like he was killing snakes his entire life so slowing him down can be a challenge. I am on break right now.😉
We have worked in between weather events and now find that we are 90% finished. Tomorrow should wrap up the last of it except for the odd item we might have forgotten. There will always be those

We are so happy to be back with IOWA public television. The difference is remarkable.
The bike trail awaits me and my trail pass has been purchased. ASAP I will be out there with my camera.

Tuesday, April 18

Written on Easter Sunday

Biscuits and gravy at our RV with guests Gary and Susan. Butch suggested the menu. Can anyone believe that? Now we are at their house and soon the little ones and their Mamas will be here. I am taking advantage of the quiet to get caught up a bit.

Gary has a nice ham in the oven and he doesn't want the bone after dinner and has promised it to me. It is still cool enough up here to make ham and beans.

Home again!

We are always home, north or south and now we sit in our northern home with our southern home parked out back. We arrived here about 1:30 PM yesterday finishing our second audio book about 5 miles from town. Perfect timing. We brought good weather with us and it was a good thing too because today it is raining. It isn't a very wide band so we should resume our sunshine later today.
Here are pictures taken since leaving the Rio Grande Valley.

This is a refinery at Three Rivers, I think. Surely someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
 First try at a moon picture- I need to keep working on that.

 Sunrise, Sunset can't remember which. It was in Texas. I do remember that!
 Gary was not impressed with my robin picture. They are not a common sight in South Texas. This one is a Missouri bird, Peculiar to be exact.

Our sweet Elise

And Leo is contemplating...

"No, I don't want to sit close to brother."

Finding Easter eggs

Sunday, April 16

Our route out of Texas Revised

North Out of Texas-Simplified version
In South Texas get on Hwy 281 north.
Hwy 281 N to I-37 N take (exit 133) and get on I-410 N
I 410N to I 35N
I 35 N to Hwy 46W (exit 190)
Hwy 46 to Hwy 281N
Follow 281 N to a few miles south of Jacksboro TX and hwy 380
Take 380 east to Hwy 51- Turn left (north)
Follow Hwy 51N to Gainesville TX and I 35 N.

The main purpose of these directions is the avoidance of the Austin to Waco section of I 35. If you do it once, especially in an RV you will have a firm understanding of why you need to avoid this section.

This is a corrected route. I take full responsibility for the mistake of the last post. We lived through my mistake in the Spring of 2017. Thus this correction; the route we should have taken and the route I should have posted is listed above. I am crossing my fingers that I didn't really mess anyone up because that was a booger of an ordeal.