Saturday, June 27

Garden of the Gods

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Our work week

Our work week (4 days) is half over. The campground is full but these people are busy having fun so not much of a bother to us.
I have been working on backing up the computer and I think I have it done. That means I can sleep a little easier tonight. The proof will be when I have the new computer in hand and I am trying to transfer it all.
Till next time...

Friday, June 26

Computer problems

I am on Butch's computer. The one I thought was going to die 4 to 5 years ago. Mine is hanging up in start up. It gets to that spot and then stalls. If I try enough times it might start but I feel it has a limited number of attempts left and I do not have my stuff transferred to the new external hard drive just yet. I plan to wait for son Gary to help me. The best computer buys I have seen have been in south Texas around Christmas and I had hoped to wait till then for a new purchase. We will see. I am not sure I have the patience for that long.

Wednesday, June 24

Field Trip

We are off to the Garden of the Gods today. You can expect a bunch of photos tomorrow if my computer will let me. A new computer IS in my future.

Tuesday, June 23

Art by Teri

My sister Theresa, an art teacher in Lenox IA likes to play with photos. We have that in common. Love your work, Sis.

Monday, June 22

Gary Brooker wrote:

Gary Brooker wrote:
I substituted for a special Ed teacher 4 days this week. Each day I would work one on one with 4 different students but mostly in the job I spent a lot of time in Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms. At the end of my 4th day I got lots of hugs. They are very good huggers at that age. I was given a dandelion flower by a young lady the last day at recess. I asked several students if it was a flower or a weed. All kindergartners agree; it is a flower.

Busy day

I got caught up on laundry and cleaned house. Not even time for a nap. The day did go quickly though. Butch and his SMR golfing buddy, Mike Bryce went golfing.

They had so many people(guests) eating at the commons that they fed us(staff) at the cookout shelter. Grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and chicken with all the typical summer picnic fare. It was a special treat.

Today was the most summer-like day we have had since our arrival. It was in the 70's and we didn't need a jacket or a raincoat all day. I hope it is the beginning of a trend. It was also the first day Butch wore shorts. Those who know him, know that is a big deal. He hardly wears anything BUT shorts.
Till next time...