Friday, December 4

Thursday, December 3

Busy Buzzin'!

Butch and I have both been busy. In the last two days I have had 3 computer repair calls and Butch has had a couple of electrical calls. Butch has been busy cracking and eating pecans we picked up on Pecan Plantation. I made homemade laundry soap. You can find the recipe and products at the following website.
A friend gave me a sample because she uses it too and I love it. The clothes are so soft and that is a problem here due to hard water. It is a bit of a challenge to get it made in the motorhome because of space and container issues but I am going to try it for awhile and see what I think.
Today we plan to go to McAllen shopping. We are due for an upgrade on the phone. I spotted a fiber optic Christmas tree I would like to buy at Target. Butch wants to go to Sports Academy and we need a few groceries.
Tomorrow we have to set up for our annual garage sale. Annual for us, monthly for many in the park. The actual sale is on Saturday and it will be a success because it always is!!
Till next time...or when things slow down a bit. Whew!!!

Tuesday, December 1


Drum roll please....Our granddaughter Amanda and her husband Brad are expecting a wee one next Spring. This time we may be in the vicinity (Midwest) for the event.
All of our kids are grandparents now...Wow...who knew it would come to this way back when.

Sunday, November 29

The Cactus

The cactus has a story. A few years ago, probably 3, the kids bought me a cactus for Mothers Day. It grew nicely and eventually needed to be repotted. Butch,believe it or not, found the perfect pot for it. It thrived in this pot and now needs a new home. Yesterday we went not quite to Mexico where they sell pots and purchased another perfect pot. I will move it into its new home today. An updated picture will follow.