Wednesday, September 5


Butch worked here during his high school years and perhaps one of our married years.

I waited for Butch to get up before posting this to perhaps add a few facts. Seems both of us are not completely clear on this time period.


Yes, it has rained every day in what seems like forever. No, we do not like it!

He still has some hair!

Monday, September 3

Jigzone Fan

I am a fan of Jigzone. Butch and I have had an ongoing competition for years. They have a puzzle of the day that you can sign up for and have it come into your email every day. That is the one we compete on. But you can also make a puzzle with your own photos and that is what the one below is. Jason made this sunflower for me years ago. This picture was taken in Cumberland Iowa when we still lived there. Obviously, it was Spring because the lilacs are in bloom.
Butch and I always do the 48 piece classic. You can set your own preferences.

This should tell you I have had some extra time on my hands. We have been in a rainy period whereby it is raining every day. Not all the time but often enough you can not rely on it not raining.
I think we are on day 4 of 'raininess'. It might even be 5. On the good side, I have not had to water anything. I like that, especially this time of year.

I started doing my own version of trivia back in January at Magnolia Park. I continued until the season ended putting together 11 games. When we came back to Iowa I asked permission to write down the questions we answered at HyVee on Thursday nights. Permission was granted and I have continued it. In addition, I started at the Elks Club in the middle of June and will continue up to and including the first Wednesday in October. So counting all of them thus far I have put together a total of 48 games, 6 of them not yet used. I do believe that is without duplicating any questions. Not 100% sure on the last statement because early on I used questions I could remember from HyVee on the first ones I did for Magnolia Park. When we finish with HyVee for this season I will have 5 more for a total of 53!! That is a years supply!! I obviously enjoy doing it.