Friday, February 2

Down in ol' Mexico

Needed to go down and pick up a few meds so we asked friends who stay in Harlingen if the wanted to join us. Brian and Mary Carlson met us at the gate. We walked down to Hector's. Hector is our meds guy in Progreso. Then we lunched at Jessica's, a favorite spot of ours. Panchos Tex-Mex is our favorite on the menu. It was a fun day all around.

The music is excellent so Brian and Mary tripped the light fantastic.

Butch has wanted to buy a hat for mowing in the summer and he seems to think this would be a good choice. I think they would be hauling him off to the Funny Farm. 

Tuesday, January 30

Beckett does it again!

Beckett is the youngest grandson of Leo and Keri and he has a real knack for doing interesting faces when getting his picture taken and here he has done it again! I couldn't resist adding the bubble.

Monday, January 29

Dashing about

We made a quick trip to McAllen (actually Pharr) to restock our cash supply then we came back to Weslaco and went to an 11:30 AM film feature showing the movie 'Hostile'. I expected it to be gruesome and bloody. There was some blood of course but the story of the cavalry and the Indians was treated even-handedly. The acting was top notch and I thought it was excellent. It was a 3 hanky movie and I think Butch used up 4. He is a softie.

Back in Jefferson, Leo and Keri's kitchen project has begun and we are enjoying the photos step by step. Our favorite cook getting a new kitchen has to be beneficial for us too. I am certain of it. Wink, wink.