Wednesday, February 3

Quite a Stir

I caused quite a stir yesterday. I knew I would. When I was sick with the stomach flu for a week all my respiratory/allergy issues disappeared. My conclusion was that I had not set foot outdoors for 6 days and perhaps that was part of the solution. Also, the first two days of resuming our daily walks agitated the allergies once again. So I decided to wear a mask. That caused the stir. "What's wrong with Barb?" The answer is probably many things but the short answer is allergies. Smileycons!

Sunday, January 31


Pecan Bill and Butch went to a car show in McAllen. Kay had won the tickets worth $15 each. Being one who would never spend a dollar to go to a car show, I do not know how they made any money but the place was packed. Go figger.

Anyway, Peggy and I went to the flea market. One of our many purchases was this cauliflower. This is half of it. Peggy and I shared. Cauliflower is pricey these days with a small head going for nearly $4. Ours cost $2
We picked up several items. The flea market too was packed with people. I do believe it was busier than I have ever seen it.