Saturday, December 22

Elise with her Mom and Dad

Elise with her Dad Brad and Mom Amanda

Not so sure about something?

Friday, December 21

Mindful meanderings

Computer class this morning and that is always a busy and interesting day for me. Today we had a new member to the park. He has a brand new computer and guess what? Windows 8! But the more I work with it and get acquainted the more it grows on me. It is really working out well to have these new people letting me learn on their computers. I have already learned quite a bit. I spent about an hour after class with him and we were able to take off Norton and enable his Windows Defender AKA Microsoft Security Essentials. We put Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on as alternative browsers. One of his main concerns was "Where do I find my email and how do I get to it". He already had a gmail account so that made it easier.
I think he is now able to do basic functions.
It was chilly this morning but this cold front will soon be history and they are telling us we will be  able to have Christmas around the swimming pool if we are so inclined

Thursday, December 20

Two Stories

Smileycons! I was visiting with a gentleman in the park about going home for Christmas. He said, "We used to. But one year we went home, opened up the house, bought a bunch of groceries and prepared a bunch of food. All the kids came home from hither and yon. We ate, talked and opened gifts and then the kids scattered hither and yon." He said, "We looked at each other as we sat there by ourselves and said, "Why did we do this?" And that is the last time we went home for Christmas. I thought those of you who wonder why many people stay here for the holidays might better understand upon reading his story. My two cents: Our children live very busy lives as we did as well when we were their ages. Now it is getting a bit better and they are not quite so busy being parents as our children's children have grown and they are becoming grandparents themselves. I do not mind stepping back and watching them enjoy the grandparent experience just as we did. Not only do I not mind, I very much enjoy watching them and how they relate to the next generation. Do I wish we were there for Christmas? Sometimes. But just as the fellow was telling me, the amount of time we would spend with them does not measure out against the effort it would take to do so. I can say, Thank God for technology because with the Internet and cell phones etc. they never seem very far away. But every now and again...

 Pecan Bill in Mexico

Bill and Kay went to Mexico yesterday to get medicine and Bill wanted a hair cut and to see about getting his dentures relined. Bill went into the dental office where he had obtained his dentures years ago and asked what it would cost to have them relined. He wasn't able to talk to his dentist directly but an office person told him $125. He went on down the line to another dentist and asked again. They said $75. So he is mulling this info over in his mind. After all that is quite a difference. Then he decided to get his hair cut. He bargained the barber down to a $4 haircut by the way and after he was done Bill asked him if he knew of a dentist. He said, "Of course, come right this way!" and led him to the rear of the shop where there was a complete dental office. This was some surprise to Bill as he had no idea it was there. It seemed clean so he sat and discussed getting his dentures relined. "No problem, $25 and 20 minutes!" That was so cheap that it scared him! We all are wondering what kind of job he would have obtained for $25 but Bill is not about to let his dentures be the test for us to get our curiosity satisfied. We think they may be using Play Doh or some such substance. If anyone would like to know more about the place I am sure Bill will tell you and if you have the nerve to follow through we will all be very curious about how you feel after the deed is done.

Wednesday, December 19

Gary Graduates

Our son Gary and his wife Susan. Gary underwent a midlife career change. We are very proud of him for making the difficult look easy. There is a reason we call him the energizer bunny. He wears the rest of us out trying to live two lifetimes in one.

Tuesday, December 18

A week till Christmas?

Wow, the weeks just fly by. I understand a big ol' snowstorm went through up north. We would have missed hearing about it completely if someone hadn't sent us a picture of it. The mid section of the nation desperately needs moisture. It takes a foot of snow to make an inch of rain so I am thinking they didn't get enough snow to make much of a dent on the drought. On the other hand let us be grateful for what we did get.
We did not get any rain down here and it has been a very long time since they have had more than a sprinkle. The drought has many affects that many people have not a clue about. We have had many sewer problems in the park. Now really that is not all that unusual to have sewer problems. But it seems part of our issues is from lack of rain. Our shuffleboard courts have rain drains on them and when it rains it flushes out the sewer pipes connected to it. So when it didn't rain for a long period of time the "stuff" that was laying in wait inside the pipes dried up as hard as a brick and became an unmovable object catching all the new stuff headed down the pipe. They have been cleared now but the sewer guys are suggesting we put enzyme in the pipes and make sure they get flushed out on occasion. There are skeptics among always but doing something is better than nothing. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always had.
I usually avoid controversial subjects but I am toying with the idea of voicing my opinion on guns. As I write this I am still only toying with it. But Gun's don't kill people, People kill people...and drunk drivers kill with cars and how is that different irk is very different.  But later when I have had a chance to write with forethought and care. And I do want to keep my gun toting friends as friends so I would hope they would show the same sort of tolerance for my views as I have allowed them. I am still mulling it over.

Monday, December 17

Butch's Christmas Tree

Butch asked me to post a picture of his Christmas tree. And as you look at his tiny little tree I am going to ask you to say a prayer for our nephew Dan Kelley who is struggling with pain from advanced cancer. And say a prayer for all his family as well. Thank You...

Elise school Christmas program

Sunday, December 16

Teachers make a difference

We have two teachers and a school administrative secretary in our family and I know they all make a difference in many young lives.